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Published:March 4th, 2010 21:21 EST
amy winehouse

Trainwreck Amy Winehouse Plays Barmaid At London Pub

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Amy Winehouse played barmaid at a London pub, but got angry when a customer joked about her songwriting prowess."

amy winehouse

The "Rehab " singer is a regular at the "Dublin Castle" where she played barmaid. Amy Winehouse has a disheveled appearance, and it`s easy to forget that she`s richer than God. But there`s probably one or more criminals who haven`t forgotten that the crazy chanteuse is a gazillioniare, and if they ever decide to kidnap her for ransom, they will know exactly where to find her.

The customer joked "At least she`s quicker at pulling pints than she is at writing songs", this is a sly reference to the fact that Amy`s last album was released in 2006. Unfortunately, most drunks don`t take too kindly to being made fun of, and the trainwreck singer gave the wannabe comic a tongue-lashing.

I have to give Winehouse props for showing restraint, normally she would have punched anyone who made fun of her. Maybe the troubled singer really is trying to turn over a new leaf.

Amy Winehouse drank shots of tequila while she was tending the bar. I know that sentence is superfluous, nobody would expect Amy to work as a bartender and not drink on the job.

It`s time for Winehouse to stop playing barmaid, and return to the studio and finish her long awaited album.

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