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Published:March 13th, 2010 15:54 EST
corey haim

Prescription Drug Ring Tied To Corey Haim's Death

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Actor Corey Haim`s death is being linked to a major drug ring which has been illegally obtaining prescription drugs, US police have said.

corey haimCalifornia Attorney General Jerry Brown said the star`s name was discovered on records during an investigation into the illegal activity.

He said that the problem of drug abuse was being `increasingly linked to criminal organisations`.

Celebrities and illicit drugs go together like adolescents and acne, it`s never surprising when we read that an entertainer died of an OD.

The American Idol finalists are prepped on all aspects of being a successful entertainer. They receive professional advice and help from hair stylists, fashion designers and speech and singing coaches. I hope they also receive counseling from psychiatrists on how to handle the pressures of celebrity. There have been far too many celebs who have succumbed to drugs and alcohol.

We are alarmed when we hear that someone is addicted to crack or heroin, but it`s just as bad when a person is addicted to prescription drugs.

I hope that Corey`s death will bring attention to the millions of everyday people who are addicted to prescription narcotics.

It should be noted that the Los Angeles County coroner has not yet determined what killed the 80`s teen idol.

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