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Published:March 20th, 2010 15:41 EST

Octomom In Danger Of Being Evicted

By Robert Paul Reyes



"Being a mother of 14 is already a difficult task, and it seems `OctoMom` Nadya Suleman is about to have an even harder time raising her brood " perhaps without a roof over their heads.

octomomTMZ reports that Nadya has until the end of the business day on Tuesday to pay $450,000 she owns on her home, or face a foreclosure lawsuit."

I don`t think there`s any real danger of Octomom and her brood living on the streets, someone will come to her rescue and pay her mortgage or provide her with a new home. There`s too much money to be made from this freak show, and TV producers or a Web site will help Octomom.

Octomom has lost a lot of weight and she looks mighty good, if I had a mansion with twelve bedrooms instead of a 2-bedroom house, I would take her in. But her brood would be banned from the floor that only I and Octomom would occupy. Who says I don`t have a heart of gold?

Octomom deserves to be homeless, but for the sake of her brats I hope she is able to keep her house.

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