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Published:March 23rd, 2010 16:56 EST
paris hilton

Paris Hilton Reality Show Rejected By Several Producers

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Heiress Paris Hilton`s idea of making a reality show on her personal life has found no takers among TV channel bosses.

The 29-year-old celeb had planned a new show that would cover her engagement and wedding to current boyfriend Doug Reinhardt.

paris hilton

She offered the show idea to many channels, but none of them are keen on the idea, reported New York Post."

Paris Hilton has found a modicum of success as a porn star in a homemade sex tape, and in several reality shows. But the pop tart has failed miserably in legitimate movies, her name in the credits guarantees that a film won`t be taken seriously.

Paris Hilton`s latest idea for a reality show has no takers, nobody cares about her or her clueless boyfriend. A reality show based on Hilton`s engagement and wedding would probably last longer than the actual marriage. Hollywood marriages don`t have a good track record of success.

A reality show is the last refuge of a failed actress, Hilton`s only remaining option is to do an infomercial. Hey Hilton hope to see you soon on channel 301 at two in the morning hawking a crappy product.


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