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Published:March 25th, 2010 13:11 EST
amy winehouse

Amy Winehouse's Twitter Madness

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Troubled songstress Amy Winehouse, who recently moved back to Camden, north London, posted a series of bizarre, rambling messages on Twitter in the early hours of this morning begging for driving lessons from her `Auntie Rene`.

amy winehouse


`I NEEEEEEEEEED DRIVING machete BUT.IWANT.DRIVING.LESSONS.MORE> auntie rene more.! i`ll pay, you jus come` long fo` craziness.`

`auntie rene, come help me it`ll be me an violetta. i kkkkknow i`ve misssed the point of this but. but this this this this this this this (sic)`" Read more

In the old days drunks ranted and raved at the bar, and only a few bar patrons were subjected to their nonsense. But in this high-tech age an alcoholic celeb will rant on Tweeter, and share her jibba-jabba with thousands of her followers.

Amy Winehouse is 26-years-old, but she`s never learned how to drive. Normally I don`t recommend that anyone drink and drive, but if Auntie Rene is going to teach her crazy niece how to drive, she`d better have a stiff drink before undertaking the thankless job.

If longsuffering Auntie Renee comes to Amy, she will get a good dose of craziness, that`s for sure.

Not sure I understand Amy`s reference to a "machete", but Amy will be lucky if her aunt doesn`t bang on her door brandishing a machete.

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