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Published:March 28th, 2010 11:50 EST
amy winehouse

Fans Can't Wait For Amy Winehouse's New Album

By Robert Paul Reyes

"BAD news for Amy Winehouse fans...her ever-elusive third album will be delayed again due to her renewed romance with estranged hubby Blake.

Wino has scrapped some songs because they were `anti` Blake, even though record bosses were said to be thrilled with most of the tracks."

amy winehouse

Rosie O`Donnell will look like a supermodel and Paris Hilton will learn how to act before Amy Winehouse finally releases her third album. The troubled singer`s album has been delayed due to mental breakdowns and stints in rehab, and it`s delayed yet again because some of the songs were anti- Blake.

The pop diva`s ex-husband is an oxygen thief, and only an alcoholic or a drug addict would be worried about writing a song that might offend him. The crazy chanteuse needs to go to rehab yet again, then she won`t care about offending her loser ex-husband.

There are millions of fans who can`t wait for the troubled singer`s new album, and if she keeps procrastinating she will risk alienating them. Amy`s fans have put up with her addictions and psychotic behavior, I guess they will put up with anything.

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