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Published:April 3rd, 2010 11:54 EST
paris hilton

Adorable Paris Hilton Loves All Her Pets

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Just finished giving all my puppies their late night snack and now tucking myself into bed. Sweet dreams everyone"
paris hilton
Paris Hilton Tweet
I have demonized Paris Hilton for her myriad indiscretions, but anyone who is an animal lover can`t be all bad.
I think it`s so sweet that Paris gives her tiny pooches a late night snack. Of course she wakes the poor things up when she finally  stumbles home at three in the morning.
What a pretty picture: Hilton in bed with all her minuscule doggies! The picture would only be complete if I were tucked in bed besides her.
The animal-loving celeb also has a piglet and a pet parrot called Hank who talks to her when she comes home. I can imagine what the bird tells her: Are you ever coming home at a decent hour!
But enough Hilton-hating, today I have nothing but love for the cute celeb.
Sweet dreams Paris!

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