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Published:April 11th, 2010 11:25 EST
lindsay lohan

Lindsay Lohan Is Broke

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Lindsay Lohan is back to having financial woes.

The troubled starlet is reportedly unable to pay her rent on time because she is `broke,` reports.

Her landlord is said to have sent her a legal notice notifying her that she must pay her two months of late rent, or else move out. As a result, Lohan reportedly paid the $23,000 she owes."

lindsay lohan

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Lindsay Lohan had a string of hit movies like "Freaky Friday" and "Mean Girls", and she should be financially set for life. I would expect her to have at least a couple of mansions where she could find refuge from all her troubles.

But Lohan`s drug and alcohol addictions have left her virtually penniless, and the troubled singer can`t even pay her rent on time. The pop tart is in danger of being kicked to the curb by her landlord.

Linds has girlfriend drama, family turmoil, career woes, health problems, and addictions up the wazoo, it almost makes you feel sorry for the clueless celeb.

Girlfriend needs to get it together before she ends up dead or in a mental institution.

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