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Published:April 16th, 2010 11:30 EST
larry king

Larry King May Look Like A Corpse, But He Bags Hot Babes

By Robert Paul Reyes

Larry King is in the news becuase he is divorcing for the 8th time. I was struck by the beauty of his much younger wife.

King is so old and decrepit that he could star in a sequel of "Weekend at Bernie`s", if anybody looks like a corpse it`s him. The talk show host is older than Methuselah, he always has a befuddled expression on his face, and he wears nerd glasses. Talk, dark and handsome, he`s not.

larry king

You would expect King to attract blue-haired old ladies, and blind women. But the talkmeister ex-wives are gorgeous babes who look like they just stepped out of the cover of Playboy. What`s King`s secret?

It can`t be his personality, King is a grouchy old codger, he kisses up to his celebrity guests, but he treats his callers with contempt. It can`t be his intellect, let`s face it King is a senile old bat.

Let`s get real, you don`t have to be a rocket scientist to figure it out. Larry King is a gazillionaire who could die at any moment, in other words he`s the perfect husband material for a young lady who enjoys the finer things in life.

Don`t be surprised if King`s next wife is a beauty queen.

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