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Published:April 18th, 2010 14:56 EST

Madonna Goes Kabbalah Krazy

By Robert Paul Reyes

"THE News of the World has discovered how pop queen Madonna manages to radiate spirituality - by filling her central heating system with Kabbalah water.

The Queen of Pop has splashed out £5,000 for the holy liquid to be pumped into every radiator of her 10-bedroom London mansion.

madonnaMadonna, 51, believes it has a special spiritual quality to heal and protect. A source said: `It`s cost a fortune. She`d have Kabbalah water coming out of the kitchen taps if she could.`" Read More

This story sounds a bit suspect, but it`s Madonna we`re talking about, and the original source is the well-known British tabloid, "The News of the World", so I will accept it as the Gospel truth.

Madonna is the epitome of phoniness, the Catholic girl from Detroit affects a British accent and embraces a Jewish mystical sect. Give me a freakin` break!

Kaballah water is as holy as the water in my toilet bowl, but the clueless celeb pays a fortune to fill her central heating system with the expensive water.

If the Kaballah water has healing properties why doesn`t the Material Girl use it to wash the wrinkles away from her witch`s hands?

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