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Published:April 24th, 2010 13:13 EST
amy winehouse

Amy Winehouse Recording Quincy Jones Tribute Album

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Amy Winehouse has been in the studio with Mark Ronson recording an album to honour the legendary Quincy Jones.

amy winehouseMitch Winehouse`s Showbiz Rant: `She (Amy) was with her ex husband on Saturday because it was his birthday. Over the weekend she did three tracks for Quincy Jones. She`s doing great.`"

Samanatha Ronson doesn`t enjoy any respect as a DJ, she`s a freakin` joke. Party people come to the club when she`s the DJ, because they`re hoping that her girlfriend, Lindsay Lohan, will be tagging along.

Samantha`s brother,Mark Ronson, on the other hand, is a highly respected producer, and Amy Winehouse should be very grateful that he has agreed to work with her.

Ronson started working with Winehouse on the Quincy Jones tribute album a couple of years ago, but then Winehouse got into trouble with drugs and alcohol and he kicked her to the curb. Music fans are thrilled that Ronson and Winehouse have resumed their project.

Mitch Winehouse says that Amy is back with her worthless junkie ex husband, and then he mentions that Amy is recording again, and concludes by declaring that Amy is "doing great." That`s like a dad saying, "My daughter has been promoted at work, and she`s back with her serial killer ex-husband, she`s doing great."

I wish Amy success on her Quincy Jones project, and I hope she kicks her lame dad to the curb.

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