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Published:April 24th, 2010 01:02 EST
larry king

Larry King Thinks Sarah Palin Should Pose For Playboy

By Robert Paul Reyes


"On Tuesday night, CNN`s Larry King had comedian Sarah Silverman on his program and, towards the end of the show, Silverman made a crack about whether Sarah Palin should pose for Playboy. Silverman said `I think she should go for it` and King responded, `Agreed.` Read more

Larry King is getting a lot of flack for his comments, but the talk show host must be relieved that the focus has shifted from his marital woes.

larry king

If Larry King had said that Hillary Clinton or any other respected female politician should pose naked, it would be rightly considered a sexist remark.

But Sarah Palin isn`t a respected politician, in fact she isn`t a politician anymore since she abandoned her gig as governor of Alaska.

Palin with her reality show, and diva demands, is a celeb, and entertainers are fair game for intemperate remarks.

There is nothing in Palin`s rhetoric worthy of analysis and reflection, only naked photographs of the Fox News commentator are worthy of study and debate.

Let`s keep in mind that it was a female comic who asked King if Palin should pose for Playboy. King is a senile old goat, but this time he gave the proper response.

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