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Published:April 30th, 2010 11:13 EST
paris hilton

Paris Hilton Has Topped List Of Headache-Inducing Celebs

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Paris Hilton has topped a list of headaches inducing celebrities. The poll, conducted by Nurofen, claimed that the hotel heiress annoyed people the most because of her lack of talen." Read More

*The pop tart is too talentless, indeed her only talent is the ability to induce headaches.

paris hilton*The pop diva is too skinny. If out of desperation I slept with her, I would forgo foreplay and instead feed her a good meal.

*The clueless celeb is too skanky. Her lovers would be well-advised to suit up like a hazmat emergency worker.

*The hokey heiress is too lame, she speaks in sound bites like "That`s Hot" and "I`ll tap dat a**."

*The reality show star is too ubiquitous, it`s impossible to open a tabloid or watch an entertainment news program without hearing about her latest shenanigans.

*The homemade sex tape star is too racist, more than once she has been captured on tape uttering the N-word.

*The funky fashionista is too "yesterday." A new generation of reality TV stars like the Kardashians and Snooki will soon eclipse her.

*The anorexic model is too cruel to her pets, she treats them like fashion accessories.

*The insipid entertainer is too finicky, she discards her BFF`s like it`s going out of style.

*The gauche gazillionaire is just too wealthy, who wants to buy her products and make her even more filthy rich?

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