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Published:May 17th, 2010 11:01 EST
lindsay lohan

Another Day, Another Lindsay Lohan Tantrum At Da Club

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Lindsay Lohan started another fight in a club -- this time with New York Ranger skaters Aaron Voros and Sean Avery at 1Oak. The troubled starlet threw a drink over Voros` model girlfriend, Jessica Stam, and then tried to get all three thrown out of the Wildfox fall-collection party the other night. A spy relates, `Lindsay threw a fit because she wanted to be at their table near the DJ. But she claimed she didn`t want to sit with Aaron and said, `He`s my ex-boyfriend. I don`t want him anywhere near me.` Voros denied knowing her."

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Lindsay Lohan should be declared a toxic waste site by the Environmental Protection Agency, and for the good of humankind she should be exiled to Siberia. Girlfriend`s middle name is "drama", she causes a scene wherever she goes. When every tabloid uses the adjective "troubled" before Lindsay`s name, that`s a good indication that she`s rotten to the core.
Lindsay threw a fit at the club because she didn`t want to sit with an ex-boyfriend. That`s the funniest thing I`ve heard this  year, Lindsay can`t walk up to the bar in a club without bumping into a dozen guys and gals that she`s slept with.
The "ex-boyfriend" denied knowing her, who wants to admit sleeping with Ms. Fire Crotch?
Why in the world do clubs allow Lohan to enter their premises, when  everyone is aware of her reputation for debauchery,drama, and deviltry?

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