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Published:May 18th, 2010 14:34 EST

OMG! Snooki Pouf A Hollywood Craze! God Help Us!

By Robert Paul Reyes

"The `Snooki Pouf` high-rise hairstyle favored by `Jersey Shore` reality show cast member Nicole `Snooki` Polizzi has become a Hollywood craze, observers say.

Called a `classic beehive with more of an edgy feel,` the style is showing up at red carpet events and fashion show runways, the New York Post reported Sunday.


During Paris Fashion Week in March, the towering hairstyle was prominent among runway models displaying the latest fashion collections, the newspaper said." UPI

The "Jersey Shore" is the most inane and obnoxious reality show in history, it makes Flavor Flav`s "Strange Love" look like "Masterpiece Theatre." Snooki is the skankiest reality show star, it`s an indictment of our society that anybody would want to look like her

If your significant other sports a Snooki hairstyle on a day other than Halloween, you should immediately kick the skank to the curb

When the AntiChrist reveals himself to the world, I am confident that he will be sporting a "Snooki Pouf", because it`s the ultimate symbol of evil and decadence

A woman with the Snooki Pouf is telling the world that she values stupidity, and drunken and boorish behavior

OMG! I just had a horrible, horrible thought! What if you get impossibly drunk, take a woman from the bar home with you, and you wake up and discover that you picked up Snooki. That`s enough to make the hair on your head stick up like a Snooki Pouf.

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