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Published:May 20th, 2010 14:03 EST
lindsay lohan

Is Pop Tart Lindsay Lohan Finally Headed To Jail?

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Lindsay Lohan is to miss a court appearance after having her passport stolen at the Cannes Film Festival," according to her lawyer.

Lohan was ordered to attend a probation hearing on Thursday in Los Angeles.

lindsay lohan

She has been warned she could face jail if she fails to comply with her probation, imposed after a 2007 drink driving case. BBC

I find this BBC article deeply disturbing, what is a failed actress doing at the most prestigious film festival in the world? Lohan has no shame in her game, she should be banned from every film festival.

Lindsay Lohan will miss a court appearance, because her passport was stolen. How convenient! I have a bridge to sell anyone who falls for that excuse.

Lindsay Lohan is a wretched actress, and a wretched human being. She has destroyed her career with her drunken, promiscuous and irresponsible behavior. The pop tart has repeatedly broken the law, and she`s received a slap on the wrist every time. When Lohan finally makes it back to the States, she should immediately be thrown in jail for breaking probation.

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