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Published:June 6th, 2010 10:05 EST
laurie anderson

Laurie Anderson's Concert Is For The Dogs

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Hundreds of dogs and their owners have descended on the Sydney Opera House for a concert specifically for canines.

laurie andersonOrganisers say the event, the work of American musician and artist Laurie Anderson, is the first of its kind.

Ms Anderson called it `an inter-species social gathering on a scale never seen before in Australia`.

It featured the cries of whales and high-pitched electronic sounds inaudible to human ears, accompanied by a bass guitar and violin."
Performance art is avant-garde and cutting-edge, it`s usually not for the feint of heart. Laurie Anderson is arguably the most famous performance artist in the world, but at 63 she`s way too old to get away shocking an audience. When Anderson does something strange or unusual on stage, most people aren`t going to exclaim "That`s so avant-garde!". They will laugh and say, that old bat must be senile.

Anderson has been around forever, it`s time she gave up the spotlight to younger and more exciting performance artists. Anderson`s stunt was for the dogs, give it up Anderson!

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