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Published:June 7th, 2010 10:48 EST
justin bieber

Lesbians Crazy Over Justin Bieber! Is There No Escape From Justin Bieber?

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Justin Bieber is not only a hit with teenage girls -- he`s also the rage with lesbians who call themselves `Biebians.` The tween heartthrob has sparked a craze among lesbians who look and sound like the star -- inspiring the brilliant Web site, as well as Bieber nights at gay bars. West Hollywood hot spot The Abbey is hosting a "Biebian" night Monday. New York Post

Lesbian talk show host Ellen DeGeneres has signed Justin Bieber to a recording contract on her own label.

justin bieber

Ellen isn`t the only lesbian who is gaga over Justin Bieber. According to the New York Post`s Page Six, Biebermania is raging not only in middle schools, but in lesbian bars.

I`ve been to a couple of lesbian bars (don`t ask), and they played country songs. I can imagine lipstick lesbians getting down, in an ironic way, to Bieber`s bubblegum pop. But for the life of me I can`t picture butch lesbians grooving to Justin Bieber.

If lesbians have caught Bieber fieber, then Biebermania has reached critical mass, and there`s no hope for anyone.

I`d rather face an army of Hells Angels than a posse of Lesbians sporting Justin Bieber haircuts. God help! God Almighty, help us!

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