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Published:June 11th, 2010 12:41 EST
danielle staub

Danielle Staub Tape To Be Released: Be Very Afraid!

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Another `celebrity` s*x tape is about to hit the market -- and this time, the people distributing the footage claim the star is Danielle Staub from `Real Housewives of New Jersey."`- TMZ.Com

danielle staub

This celebrity s*x tape madness has got to stop! It`s become a rite of passage for an aspiring actress to release a s*x tape.

A certain measure of pleasure can be obtained by watching a sex tape of a Paris Hilton or a Pam Anderson, but who the hell wants to watch a 47-year old ugly cougar do the nasty? This latest home-made s*x tape goes on for an interminable 75 minutes, I`d rather have a root canal.

If a "friend" gives me a copy of this freakish tape, I`m going to watch it with a bag over my head if Danielle Stub isn`t wearing a bag over her head.

Dear Lord, I`m going to skip lunch... and dinner.... for the next few days.

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