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Published:June 13th, 2010 13:03 EST
amy winehouse

Mitch Winehouse: Amy Winehouse Will Release New Album This Year

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Amy Winehouse`s third album could be released as early as December according to her father Mitch.
amy winehouse
`For sure,` he says. `I think we`ll be talking about December, January - that kind of time.`"
Amy Winehouse has been working on her new album longer than Oprah Winfrey has been trying to lose weight. If it weren`t for Amy`s stints in rehab and tumultuous private life, she would have finished her opus a year ago.
Unlike her fellow train wrecks, Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan, Amy has real talent and her fans are anxiously waiting for her new CD.
Mitch has too much confidence in his troubled daughter, I`ll be surprised if Amy`s record is released this year. I won`t believe it until her record company makes an official statement.
Amy`s shenanigans are worth a few chuckles, but her undeniable talent can bring you to tears. Amy, get your personal life and career back on track, and give your fans what they want: A new album!

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