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Published:June 19th, 2010 12:32 EST

Dina Lohan Makes Mommie Dearest Look Like Mother Teresa

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Dina Lohan, Lindsay`s mom, called the cops Wednesday on a clerk at a Carvel ice cream shop on Long Island, N.Y., who tried to deny her a freebie. The `black card` is a promotion Carvel offers to celebrities, but the company says the Lohan clan has abused the privilege.
Mamma Lohan complained that the clerk tried to confiscate the card when Dina ordered an ice cream cake for her son Cody`s 14th birthday."
If anybody is curious why Lindsay Lohan is such a hot mess they should look no further than her mother.
Dina Lohan excels only at exploiting her children, but she acts as if she`s invented a cure for the common cold. She wants all the perks of a celeb, even though most people wouldn`t know her from a cougar shopping at Walmart.
I would have confiscated Dina`s "black card" and given her a black eye. The scandalous woman was working that freebie to death.
How long will it be before we read in the tabloids that Cody is addicted to alcohol and cocaine?