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Published:July 16th, 2010 12:53 EST
alvin greene

Mentally Retarded Sen.Candidate Alvin Greene Now An Action Figure

By Robert Paul Reyes


"U.S. Senate candidate Alvin Greene said his solution for a weak economy would be to make action figures in his likeness, a minor league baseball team has answered the call.

alvin greene

Officials with the Charleston RiverDogs told News19 that on Saturday, they`ll give away plastic male versions of the Statue of Liberty--except the small statues will feature a picture of Greene on the toy`s face.

Organizers say they had already planned a "Be Your Own Statue" night for this Saturday`s matchup against the Augusta GreenJackets, but Greene`s comments about action figures prompted them to offer the toys with Greene`s picture." Read More

Alvin Greene is the Democratic Party`s nominee in the 2010 Senate election in South Carolina. Greene, who appears to be mildly mentally retarded, won the Democratic primary race against a heavily favored Vic Rawl with 59% of the vote, despite no campaigning, no commercials, no campaign platform, no endorsements, no Web site, no name recognition, no money, no yard signs, and no brains.

A doll that talks when you pull her string speaks with more eloquence and intelligence than Alvin Greene. Alvin Greene`s victory is an indictment of our democracy, maybe we should consider giving communism a try?

A patient in a mental asylum would be a more suitable candidate to be immortalized as an action figure than Alvin Greene.

South Carolina may survive an Alvin Greene action figure giveaway promotion, but all hell will break lose if Alvin becomes a senator.

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