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Published:July 21st, 2010 17:07 EST
lindsay lohan

Lindsay Lohan's Lame Friends Tweet Their Support

By Robert Paul Reyes


"`Please all of @lindsayLohan`s fans, let`s support our girl,` her Machete costar Electra Avellan writes. `Send great vibes, love and light. She counts on us for strength. We love you LL.`

lindsay lohan

Lohan`s new BFF Victoria `Lady V` Hervey, defended the embattled starlet against celebrity blogger Perez Hilton, who implied Lohan is desperate for attention.

`Your (sic) not her so who knows what u would do put in that situation,` Hervey wrote. `Stop judging others.`

And her photographer friend Tyler Shields writes, `I have seen her life first hand. Judge all you want but none of us understand what it`s like to be her. Positive thoughts!`" Read More

Nobody should be surprised that Lindsay Lohan`s friends combined brain power couldn`t power a night light.

If LiLo counts on twits like Electra Avellan for her strength, the troubled starlet is going to languish behind bars. "Send great vibes, love and light"? A New Age phrase like that isn`t worth a bucket of warm spit.

Lady V (only a drag queen or a prostitute would choose such a silly moniker), pleads with us not to judge Lindsay Lohan. Every day we make dozens of judgment calls: A mom decides not to hire a young girl with an "I love pain" tattoo as a baby sitter, and a dad decides not to hire a young man with shifty eyes as a tutor for his son. Millions of Americans have decided not to go to any movies starring the drug-addled pop tart.

Tyler Shields tweets: Positive thoughts! If a billion Chinese people think positive thoughts about Lohan, it doesn`t mean a damn thing. It`s up to Lohan to stop being such a narcissistic jerk, and turn her life around.

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