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Published:July 23rd, 2010 10:50 EST
amy winehouse

Hot Mess Amy Winehouse Cries When She Sees Lindsay Lohan Go To Jail

By Robert Paul Reyes


"It seems Amy was moved to tears by seeing Lindsay Lohan go to jail earlier this week.

An insider told press, `It hit home hard that she could have ended up behind bars like Lindsay. After she hit a fan for the second time, Amy was only a judge`s decision away from going to the slammer herself.`" Read More

amy winehouse

Only an idiot would interpret Amy`s tears as a positive sign that the troubled singer is serious about turning her life around. Drug addicts and alcoholics tend to be very emotional and they cry at the drop of a hat. During the day Amy may have been moved to tears seeing pop tart Lindsay Lohan`s humiliation, but at night she was probably bawling like a baby because she was out of crack.

Crack may be whack, but celebrity bimbos like Amy Winehouse and Whitney Houston sure love them some crack. It will take more than the spectacle of Lohan being carted off to jail to convince Winehouse to give up the booze and the drugs.

Winehouse is such a total wreck that she can`t finish her album or perform a concert without forgetting her lyrics and stumbling around on stage.

When it`s Amy`s turn to be taken to jail, I won`t by crying, I will be laughing my fool head off.

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