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Published:July 24th, 2010 12:44 EST
lindsay lohan

Lindsay Lohan Goes Into Hysterics When Inmates Chant "Fire Crotch"

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Troubled starlet Lindsay Lohan has been placed in `lockdown` in an isolation cell following a hysterical outburst in her California prison, Britain`s Daily Mirror reported Saturday on its website.

lindsay lohanLohan, 24, who was jailed Tuesday at Lynwood women`s prison for parole violations, had the meltdown apparently after other prisoners began taunting her about her sexuality.

The newspaper quoted three inmates saying the actress and singer began screaming and wailing Friday when other prisoners started chanting `fire crotch` at her, a reference to Lohan`s relationship with female DJ Sam Ronson.

One of the prisoners told the Daily Mirror that Lohan had turned the other inmates against her by crying all night and keeping the other incarcerated women awake."

The Toronto Sun is a respected tabloid (oxymoron?), but "fire crotch" isn`t an allusion to Lohan`s relationship with Samantha Ronson. Brandon Davis, a pal of Paris Hilton, is the first person to refer to Lohan as "fire crotch", it`s a reference to LiLo`s flaming red pubic hair. LiLo hates that nickname so much she shaves her nether regions every day.

Lindsay Lohan is a wimp, when the inmates made fun of her sexual orientation, she should have shouted back," I`m a proud lesbian!" Or bisexual, trysexual, or whatever the hell she happens to be at the moment.

You can never show weakness behind bars, now that the inmates know that Lindsay is a big baby, they will all try to make her cry every day. God (or the devil) help Lindsay if one of the prisoners manages to get her hands on her.

Toughen up girlfriend, you ain`t in Kansas anymore.

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