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Published:August 4th, 2010 14:28 EST
britney spears

Britney Spears' "It's Britney, B-Word": Greatest Pop Lyric Of All Time?

By Robert Paul Reyes

`Gimme More` is a song by American recording artist Britney Spears from her fifth studio album, Blackout. It was released on September 27, 2007 by Jive Records as the lead single of the album. The song was co-written and produced by Danja and was recorded during Spears`s second pregnancy. The track opens with an intro in which Spears says the phrase `It`s Britney, bit**`. It features racy lyrics, that although they appear to be about dance and sex, are a reference to the public`s fascination with Spears`s private life." Wikipedia

britney spears

"Gimme More" is a run-of-the mill dance-pop confection. The song`s hypnotic chorus consisting of the word "gimme" endlessly repeated is conducive to enhancing your ecstasy experience as you are dancing your butt off in the club.

But the opening words of the song "It`s Britney, Bitch", is perhaps the greatest lyric in the history of pop music.

"Gimme More" was released in 2007, around the time that Britney`s life was in complete and utter turmoil. "It`s Britney Bit**" is the pop diva`s apologia, and rationalization for her behavior.

Why did Britney drive with her toddler bouncing on her lap? It`s Britney, bit**! Why did the pop tart shave her head? It`s Britney, bit**! Why did the princess of pop attack a photographer with an umbrella? It`s, Britney, Bit**. She`s Britney, Bit** and she can do what she damn well pleases.

You don`t need a psychologist`s psycho babble to understand Britney`s eccentricities: Britney engages in irrational behavior because she feels she doesn`t deserve superstardom. Britney channels her inner child who is still living in a trailer park, she feels compelled to indulge in stereotypical trailer park girl antics.

Baloney! It`s Britney bit**, and girlfriend ain`t gonna channel Sarah Mclachlan or another Lollapalooza babe and write a polite song apologizing for her transgressions.

"It`s Britney, Bit**" is pure genius, and anyone who doesn`t get it isn`t in touch with the zeitgeist of this generation.

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