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Published:August 13th, 2010 12:14 EST
lindsay lohan

Friends Don't Send Friends A Lindsay Lohan Video Greeting Card

By Robert Paul Reyes


"Behold another of Lindsay Lohan`s pre-jail, pre-rehab gigs: online greeting card star. A series of video greetings from the card company Cameo Stars went live on Facebook at midnight, allowing FB users to send messages - or even `pokes` - starring Lohan to all of their pals." Read More

I have more than a few Facebook friends of dubious character, but I doubt that any of them would send me a video greeting from Lindsay Lohan. I would automatically defriend anyone who sent me a LiLo video greeting.

lindsay lohan

Bless Lohan`s patriotic spirit, you can send a message to the troops for free. If there`s anybody who would be grateful for receiving a Lindsay Lohan video greeting it`s a bored grunt in Iraq of Afghanistan.

The pop tart also offers life advice, and as you would expect from such a dim bulb she relies on a giant fortune cookie for dispensing tips.

On second thought,I wouldn`t mind receiving a Lindsay Lohan video greeting, I`m simply curious. I`m on Facebook.

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