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Published:August 17th, 2010 11:25 EST
boy george

Boy George Gets On Lagy Gaga's Case For Occasional Cocaine Use

By Robert Paul Reyes

"If Lady Gaga were about to be exposed as a drug user I would understand her recent confession to Vanity Fair that she is an `occasional` coke sniffer,` George wrote. `But why offer up this information on a whim? Could it be that her coke use is not `occasional?`

boy georgeBoy George, who himself has struggled with an addiction to heroin, said that he believes the word `occasional` can be more generous than one would think when you`re taking about drugs.

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Boy George is a tad past his prime, and he is no longer an authority on pop music. But former heroin addict is a freakin` expert on drug use.

Boy George makes a good point, why did Lady Gaga nonchalantly mention that she occasionally snorts cocaine? Could it be that she`s about to be outed as a drug addict?

There is no such thing as an "occasional" drug user, cocaine is a highly addictive drug. That`s like Oprah Winfrey saying I don`t overeat, I just occasionally pig out.

Lady Gaga is being a bad role model for her monsters, some of them may follow her example and turn into "occasional" drug addicts.

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