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Published:August 23rd, 2010 13:26 EST

Snooki Dissed By Fashion Houses

By Robert Paul Reyes

"`Jersey Shore`s` Nicole `Snooki` Polizzi has become synonymous with the poof, an unearthly orange glow and regretting who she made out with the previous night - and now various fashion houses reportedly want distance from the reality star - so they`re sending her free bags... from their competitors! Read more
Designer labels like Gucci and Calvin Klein pay celebrities millions to endorse their products. Fashion houses shower celebs with free purses, dresses and jeans, in the hopes that they might wear them and give them free publicity.


But in the case of Snooki we are witnessing a new phenomenon: Companies of exclusive products are sending Snooki free merchandize... from their competitors.

Snooki is synonymous with sleaze, corruption and everything that is rotten in this world, and the last thing fashion houses want is for the reality star to be photographed wearing their gear.

What company worth its salt would want to co-brand with an orange-faced Munchkin from hell?

Perhaps nothing can penetrate Snooki`s thick skull, but maybe she will finally get the message that she needs to stop being such a skank.

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