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Published:September 15th, 2010 16:41 EST
prince poppycock

Video: Outrage, Piers Disses Prince Poppycock!

By Robert Paul Reyes


"The top four acts took the stage for the final night of competition on America`s Got Talent Tuesday, with one delivering a performance ultimately worth $1 million - and another inspiring a bit of controversy.

prince poppycock

The sparks flew early when Piers Morgan used his buzzer to brand the operatic performance by colorful cabaret singer Prince Poppycock with a disapproving red X - a highly unusual move at this late stage. Fellow judge Sharon Osbourne scolded Morgan on-air for the move, and after the cameras stopped rolling, it was judge Howie Mandel`s turn." Read More

When an "America`s Got Talent" contestant survives a winnowing down process from a field of thousands to the Top 4 he`s earned a measure of respect.

As Howie Mandel eloquently stated it, buzzing Prince Poppycock at this late stage of the competition is like giving the gifted opera singer the middle finger.

We love Poppycock for his campy spirit and his powerful voice. Poppycock`s prior performances were drenched in camp, but for his final extravaganza Poppycock played it straight. Relatively speaking of course, you can`t be too straight dressed as a Louis XVI fop.

Poppycock`s performances take your breath away, but they make you smile as well. The fun was missing from last night`s performance, but Poppycock didn`t deserve to get buzzed.

There is a special place reserved in hell for Piers Morgan, but Poppycock`s place should be up on stage where he can delight and entertain us.


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