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Published:September 22nd, 2010 16:23 EST

Madonna Stalker Arrested Again

By Robert Paul Reyes

"Welcome back to New York, Material Mom! Pop superstar Madonna was hunted down at her home twice in four days by former FDNY man Robert Linhart this week. Linhart, 59, drove his SUV to her street on the Upper West Side and parked it there, attaching homemade signs to the car that called out to the singer.


He had a Leatherman and pocketknife in his possession." Read more

I have two questions after reading this NYMag.Com article: What`s a Leatherman, and what kind of a disturbed individual would fixate on the likes of Madonna?

In her glory days scores of young men mobbed Madonna whenever she made a public appearance, but now she`s stalked only by gay men and old coots.

When sentencing Linhart the judge should take his many years of service to the community as a firefighter into account.

If found guilty I hope Linhart doesn`t spend any time in jail. He should be sentenced to watching Madonna`s god-awful flick "Swept Away", a dozen times, if that doesn`t cure him of his Madonna obsession, nothing will.

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