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An Unsolved Mysteries Episode, Preserves Danny Casolaro`s Shocking Undercover Breakthroughs!

These three cases are, at this point, nearly ancient, but still need further investigation, since, as far as I know, they still remain unsolved. Most of all, we need to bring them back out to open air; these cases need rapid (re)-promulgation!

Robert Paul Reyes
Mr. Poo Mascot Created to Reduce Public Defecation in India: Video A country that needs to create a mascot to urge citizens not to defecate in public will never be anything more than a 3rd world cesspool.
Robert Paul Reyes
Pharrell Williams' Happy Video Guaranteed to Make You Happy! Pharrell we love your Happy song, you`ve earned a dispensation to wear your goofy hats, just please stay the hell away from Robin Thicke.
John G. Kays
An Unsolved Mysteries Episode, Preserves Danny Casolaro`s Shocking Undercover Breakthroughs! These three cases are, at this point, nearly ancient, but still need further investigation, since, as far as I know, they still remain unsolved. Most of all, we need to bring them back out to open air; these cases need rapid (re)-promulgation!
Robert Paul Reyes
Journalist Wearing Google Glass Attacked by Patriot Whose side are you on? If you don`t praise the action of the brave woman, by default you are on the side of the totalitarian state.
Robert Paul Reyes
Wheel of Fortune Contestant Fails to Solve Puzzle Even With All the Letters Revealed Julian Batts is black, and his "deer caught in the headlights moment", will unfortunately be interpreted as typical black ignorance by legions of racists.
Crazy World
Robert Paul Reyes
KFC Chicken Corsage a Fowl Idea: Video Dude a chicken corsage is a fowl idea, if you don`t live in the Deep South forget it!
Robert Paul Reyes
$30 Million UFO Hotel to Open in the Middle of the Desert! Video! There are enough UFO true believers to fill a 300 room hotel in Las Vegas, Ramallo will have no problem filling his 31 room hotel with looney birds who want to get their freak on in a UFO-themed hotel.
John G. Kays
Kansas City Serial Highway Shooter Strikes Again; One Dead, One Critical, This Time! Who`s responsible for a series of random shootings on Kansas City`s highways, over a period of a month or more (March 8-April 6)? Levels of tension and fear there in KC must be tremendous; yesterday I was researching the troubled serial shootings, when I saw the news flash of shootings at a Jewish Community Center, also in the Kansas City area.
SOP newswire3
UN Chief Ban Urges Maximum Restraint in Ukraine Concerned by the deteriorating situation in eastern Ukraine, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has called for maximum restraint and appealed to all sides to work towards calming the situation.
Radio Programs
James R. Murray
Timeless Thoughts: Wet Paint Don't Touch James "Amazin" Murray and The Science of Mind: Wet Paint Don't Touch
Robert Paul Reyes
'Noah' Screening Canceled after Movie Theater Floods Maybe God is a film critic, and He is exacting revenge for the filmmakers leaving Him out of movie where He deserves top billing.
Robert Paul Reyes
UFO Mystery Solved! UFO Was... Video! Another UFO fantasy dashed by such a mundane explanation; I`m surprised more UFO true believers don`t commit suicide.
Robert Paul Reyes
Gas Station Taking Heat for Posting Sign with Anti-Gay Slur: Video The saggy pants look originated in prisons where gay men let their pants slide down their butts to advertise they were sexually available.
SOP newswire3
DOD Spokesman Calls Hagel Asia Trip a Success Chuck Hagel believes his just completed 10-day trip to the Asia-Pacific region was an overwhelming success, a Pentagon spokesman said.
SOP newswire3
Ban Urges World Leaders to Work Towards Climate Action Ban Ki-moon attended the Climate Leaders` Summit in D.C., recalling the importance of keeping global warming as a top concern in the development agenda.
Robert Paul Reyes
Minnie Driver Rocks Blue Bikini! Haters Hate! What Do You Think? Haters will hate, but there are plenty of decent folks who love Minnie and think she looks adorable in her blue bikini.
Robert Paul Reyes
Lindsay Lohan to Attend Coachella, Promises Not to Drink! Yeah, Right! Video! Bit** please!
Robert Paul Reyes
Obama Revives Birther Issue at FBI Snitch Al Sharpton Rally: Video I have to give Obama credit, he got away with the greatest deception in American history, and then he has the gall to joke about it.
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