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Donald Trump Had Porn Star Stormy Daniels Spank Him With a Forbes Magazine

To have a porn star spank you may be every guys fantasy, but to have the hoe spank you with a magazine that features your family on the cover is wrong, horribly wrong.

SOP newswire3
UN: Dialogue and Confidence Vital to Prevent, Resolve Conflicts Worldwide concerns over nuclear weapons are the highest they have been since the Cold War, United Nations Secretary-General Guterres said Thursday, calling for comprehensive political solutions that include dialogue and negotiation to prevent, mitigate and resolve conflicts.
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South Sudan Conflict Grinds On Following a two-day visit to conflict-ravaged South Sudan, where a quarter of a million children are severely malnourished and at imminent risk of death, the head of the United Nations childrens agency has said only an end to hostilities can bring back hope and safety to the children and young people there.
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Military Strikes Continue Against ISIS Terrorists in Syria, Iraq U.S. and coalition military forces continued to attack the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria between Jan. 12 and Jan. 18, conducting 63 strikes consisting of 102 engagements, Combined Joint Task Force Operation Inherent Resolve officials reported today.
Robert Paul Reyes
Donald Trump Had Porn Star Stormy Daniels Spank Him With a Forbes Magazine To have a porn star spank you may be every guys fantasy, but to have the hoe spank you with a magazine that features your family on the cover is wrong, horribly wrong.
SOP newswire3
Maintenance Airmen Build Bombs, Prepare to Deploy Maintenance airmen participated in a combat munitions training here Jan. 8-11 to train in building a joint direct attack munition and improving their readiness to perform in a deployed environment.
SOP newswire3
Marine Rescues 4 People From Rip Current in Okinawa A Marine received the nations highest medal for non-combat heroism during a ceremony here, Jan. 8.
SOP newswire3
Free Tax Filing Software Available to Military Members With the new year bringing a new tax season, Military OneSource has launched its free tax software to support military members and their families in the annual task of filing.
Robert Paul Reyes
British Supermarket Chain B&M Seeks 'Chicken Nugget Connoisseur' B&M, one of Britains largest variety store chains, announced on its website that it is seeking a chicken nugget connoisseur to taste-taste the chicken nuggets for its new line of store-brand frozen and fresh foods.
Robert Paul Reyes
Happy Birthday Betty White! America Loves You! Betty has the sweet face of a grandma who welcomes family and strangers to her home with a cookie and warm glass of milk, but who tells naughty jokes with a twinkle in her eye.
SOP newswire3
Hurricane Hunters Gather Data for Winter Storms Some people might think that when hurricane season comes to an end, so does the mission of the Air Force Reserve Hurricane Hunters. But thats not the case.
SOP newswire3
B-52s Return to Pacific for Routine Continuous Bomber Presence Mission Six B-52H Stratofortress bombers and approximately 300 Airmen from Barksdale Air Force Base, Louisiana, are deploying to Andersen AFB, Guam, in support of U.S. Pacific Command Continuous Bomber Presence mission.
SOP newswire3
Musical Airman Sets Sights on Future Pursuits Air Force Staff Sgt. Sheldon A. Williams Jr., a crew chief and aircraft mechanic with the 171st Air Refueling Wing maintenance group, pursues his lifelong passion for music while continuing a family legacy of public service.
United States
SOP newswire3
Army Engineers Generate Electric Power in Puerto Rico Maintenance operations conducted as part of the Army Corps of Engineers temporary emergency power mission in Puerto Rico are keeping nearly 1,000 federal emergency power generators running at critical public facilities across the island.
SOP newswire3
Mattis Highlights Diplomatic Solution for North Korean Situation Defense Secretary James N. Mattis has highlighted the efforts aimed at strengthening diplomatic avenues for a secure, prosperous and denuclearized Korean Peninsula.
SOP newswire3
Millions Liberated From Evil of ISIS Coalition and Iraqi forces have liberated millions of people from the evil of ISIS, with the efforts putting Iraq on a path toward greater security, an Operation Inherent Resolve official said today in Baghdad.
Robert Paul Reyes
Rev. Maurice Watson Denounces Trump's Racist Comments with Red-faced Mike Pence in Pews White evangelical churches have a long history of not just tolerating racism, but practicing racism, and a racist charlatan like Trump is as welcome as a snake oil televangelist.
SOP newswire3
UN Strives for Peace in Afghanistan The United Nations Security Council, during a weekend mission to Afghanistan, reiterated its support for the Central Asian countrys efforts to restore peace, stability and progress.
SOP newswire3
A Bloody Start to 2018 in Syria Over 30 Cildren Killed in Two Weeks Only in the first 14 days of the year, more than 30 children have been killed in escalating violence in Syrias East Ghouta.
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