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Why Are Evangelical Leaders Endorsing the Manifestly Evil Donald Trump?

James Dobson endorsed Donald Trump for president hours before the newly minted GOP nominee is slated to take the stage the final night of the Republican National Convention.

SOP newswire3
UN Condemns Despicable Terrorist Attack in Kabul Ban Ki-moon strongly condemned today's attack on a peaceful demonstration in Kabul that killed at least 59 people and injured some 245 others.
SOP newswire3
Obama Speaks on Global Development Since taking office, President Obama has sought to define global development as more than mere charity, but as a comprehensive investment in initiatives, and people, that will create real outcomes for communities around the globe.
SOP newswire3
Military Strikes Continue Against ISIL in Syria, Iraq U.S. and coalition military forces continued to attack Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant terrorists in Syria and Iraq yesterday, Combined Joint Task Force Operation Inherent Resolve officials reported today.
Robert Paul Reyes
Why Are Evangelical Leaders Endorsing the Manifestly Evil Donald Trump? James Dobson endorsed Donald Trump for president hours before the newly minted GOP nominee is slated to take the stage the final night of the Republican National Convention.
SOP newswire3
UN: Aid Reaches Thousands Affected by Boko Haram Violence In a cross-border humanitarian operation, a total of 31 metric tonnes of food and some non-food items have been distributed to about 15,000 internally displaced people in Banki
SOP newswire3
Ash Carter to Travel to Boston, Fort Bragg and Chicago According to a Defense Department press release, Defense Secretary Ash Carter is scheduled to travel to Boston, North Carolina, and Illinois from July 26-28.
SOP newswire3
Coalition Continues Strikes to Defeat ISIL Coalition forces continue strikes against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, to support local forces fighting to reclaim areas including Mosul in Iraq, and Manbij in Syria, the spokesman for Operation Inherent Resolve said today.
Crazy World
Robert Paul Reyes
Seagull Lands on Man's Head: Video A man talking with friends in a boat off the coast of Norway ended up making friends with a seagull that insisted on perching atop his head.
Crazy World
Robert Paul Reyes
Polar Bear Tries to Eat Baby Through Glass Wall at Zoo The polar bear attempted to eat the baby who had his ugly little face pressed against the glass. The baby began to howl and was lifted away from the glass, no doubt with a fresh load of crap in his diapers.
Crazy World
Robert Paul Reyes
Outrage: Giant Rubber Duckie Stolen from Town of Clinton, NJ Crime Stoppers of Hunterdon County is offering a $250 reward for information about the disappearance of a giant inflatable duck that went missing after the annual rubber ducky race in Clinton Sunday.
SOP newswire3
Ban Urges Turkish Authorities to Respect Constitutional Order Following the declaration of a three-month state of emergency in Turkey as a result of an attempted military coup late last week, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has urged Turkish authorities to ensure that constitutional order and international human rights law are fully respected.
SOP newswire3
UN Calls for Humanitarian Truce in Syria The United Nations humanitarian chief today expressed grave alarm over developments in the eastern part of Aleppo city in Syria, where civilian, humanitarian and commercial movements have been effectively cut off following the closure of the last remaining access route in and out of the area.
SOP newswire3
UN Condemns Killing of Journalist in Ukraine The head of the United Nations agency tasked with defending press freedom today denounced the killing of award-winning journalist Pavel Sheremet and urged the authorities to bring those responsible for the crime to justice.
Robert Paul Reyes
Sketch the Cat Burglar She`s just two years old but has a rap sheet of some 60 crimes. Fittingly, her name is Sketch and she`s a cat burglar in the truest form.
Robert Paul Reyes
Feral Cats Defend Chicago Brewery From Rats A brewery in Chicago enlisted the help of four feral cats to defend their grain from rats and other pests.
Robert Paul Reyes
Ivanka Trump for President of the United States Last night Trump was articulate, charming, and on message, what a masterful performance the speech didn't offend any minorities. I am of course talking about Ivanka Trump, four or eight years from now she will make a terrific president.
Robert Paul Reyes
The Donald Trump Mike Pence Air Kiss: Awkward, Awkward, Awkward! Donald Trump`s failed attempt to kiss his running mate on the forehead at the Republican convention has lit up the Internet.
Robert Paul Reyes
Didga the World's Best Skateboarding Cat: Video There's some clever editing, but there's no doubt hat Didga the Cat has some mad skateboarding skills.
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