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Sweden Terror Attack! Never Fjorget!

Pray for Sweden! Never Fjorget!

Robert Paul Reyes
Sweden Terror Attack! Never Fjorget! Pray for Sweden! Never Fjorget!
SOP newswire3
Counter-ISIS Strikes Continue in Syria, Iraq U.S. and coalition military forces continued to attack the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria yesterday, Combined Joint Task Force Operation Inherent Resolve officials reported today.
SOP newswire3
Mattis: Assessment on Afghanistan Coming Soon Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said he will soon have an assessment to give President Donald J. Trump about the way ahead in Afghanistan.
SOP newswire3
Mattis Praises Resilient Iraqi Army During Baghdad Visit In his first trip to Baghdad as defense secretary, Jim Mattis today praised the Iraqi army for its resilience and noted the forces are now focused on liberating west Mosul.
Celebrity Interviews
Mimi A.
The Dina Collection: Celebrity Memorabilia, Fine Art, Antique Cars, Fine Jewelry, and More The Dina Collection of Beverly Hills has been in business since 1985. Yossi Dina, Founder and CEO, is known for being an entrepreneur, businessman, and the Pawnbroker to the rich and famous.
SOP newswire3
UN: Global Heat Melts Arctic and Antarctic Sea Ice to Record Lows It should be winter on the Arctic pole - the northern most point in the world - but the equivalent of heatwaves have passed over the region this season melting the sea ice volume to a record low in January, the United Nations meteorological agency said.
SOP newswire3
Germany Symbol of Tolerance for Those in Need of Protection Speaking to the media in Munich, United Nations Secretary-General Guterres hailed the important role Germany has placed at a number of multilateral institutions, including the European Union and the United Nations.
SOP newswire3
Famine Hits South Sudan Famine has been formally declared in parts of South Sudan, the United Nations warned, noting that war and a collapsing economy have left some 100,000 people facing starvation there and a further 1 million people are classified as being on the brink of famine.
Crazy World
Robert Paul Reyes
Painter Paints UFO's and ET's He's Seen Face to Face I would welcome extraterrestrials with open arms, they arent as scary as the greedy and deceitful human heart.
SOP newswire3
UN Condemns Attacks on Civilians in Parts of Central African Republic Despite significant progress and successful elections, CAR has remained in the grip of instability and sporadic unrest.
Robert Paul Reyes
Donald Trump: Campaigner-in-Chief The applause from his adoring true believers is an elixir for Trump, but he can't campaign for the next four years. Trump can accomplish only so much from executive orders, sooner or later he has to govern. Trump doesn't know the first thing about running a country or being commander-in-chief -- we're screwed.
SOP newswire3
Military Strikes Continue Against ISIS in Syria, Iraq U.S. and coalition military forces continued to attack the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria yesterday, Combined Joint Task Force Operation Inherent Resolve officials reported today.
SOP newswire3
Mattis Confers With Kurdistan Regional Government President Defense Secretary Jim Mattis met with Kurdistan Regional Government President Masoud Barzani in Munich yesterday, a Defense Department spokesperson said in a statement.
SOP newswire3
Mike Pence Outlines Unwavering U.S. Commitment to NATO The United States strongly supports NATO and will be unwavering in its commitment to the transatlantic alliance, Vice President Mike Pence said at the Munich Security Conference toda
Robert Paul Reyes
Donald Trump is Bonkers You dont have to be a psychiatrist or a psychologist to deduce that Donald Trump is bonkers.
SOP newswire3
Eucom Participates in Global Command, Control Exercise U.S. European Command brought together service members around the world for a computer-assisted global command-and-control exercise called Austere Challenge 2017, which focused on European security.
SOP newswire3
Mattis Underscores U.S. Commitment in Meeting With Israeli Counterpart In a meeting with his Israeli counterpart on the margins of the Munich Security Conference in Germany today, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis underscored the U.S. commitment to Israel's security and its qualitative military edge.
SOP newswire3
Mattis Stresses NATO Importance at Munich Security Conference The bond between the United States and its NATO allies is a critical component in regional and global security, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said at an international security conference in Germany today.
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