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Sarah Palin and Donald Trump: Send in the Clowns!

Evangelicals need to wake up, smell the damn coffee, read their Bibles, and kick Donald Trump and Sarah Palin to the curb!

Robert Paul Reyes
Parents Outraged Over 'Po Pimp' Homework Assignment! Video! This kind of slang is never appropriate in a grade school curriculum; somebody needs to be pimp-slapped!
Robert Paul Reyes
Viral Video: Girl, 12, Loves Driving Big Rigs! Girl Power Up the Wazoo! Her favorite part about driving the big trucks! Honking the horn of course! Get down with girl power and leave a nice message on her YouTube page!
Robert Paul Reyes
Sarah Palin and Donald Trump: Send in the Clowns! Evangelicals need to wake up, smell the damn coffee, read their Bibles, and kick Donald Trump and Sarah Palin to the curb!
Robert Paul Reyes
Singapore Man Fined $15,800 for Throwing Cigarette Butts out Window If you travel to the island paradise of Singapore you`d better mind your Ps and Qs, the authorities have zero tolerance for criminals, scofflaws and riff-raff.
Robert Paul Reyes
Panda Cubs Engage in Epic Brawl: Video! What`s more exciting than a wrestling battle royale, more adorable than cheerleaders engaging in a pillow fight, and more riveting than a NASCAR mass crash? A quintet of panda cubs settling their differences in a mass brawl, of course!
Robert Paul Reyes
Adorable Angelic Albino Baby With New Glasses Sees Mom for First Time! Video! The angel`s smile when she sees her mother for the first time is simply priceless!
John G. Kays
The Annapolis Castle of Don and Sandra Pyle Consumed By A Raging Fire; Arson or Accident? I had to mention those kudos right out of the gate, since contrary to my initial impression, a veritable Pandora`s Box was opened wide, when my (our) eyes first beheld the contents herein!
Art/Author Interviews
Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)
Judyth Piazza interviews Brooklyn Based Artist Allison Dayka Judyth Piazza interviews Brooklyn Based Artist Allison Dayka on The American Perspective Radio Program.
Keith Johnson
Is Five is the New Ten? About ten years ago, when I was working in downtown Miami for two different software companies, I had to research price points for books.
Robert Paul Reyes
Doomsday Clock: Three Minutes to Midnight! Video! The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists said they reset the Doomsday Clock to three minutes to midnight, meaning the probability of global catastrophe is very high.
Robert Paul Reyes
Air Force UFO Files Hit the Internet! UFO Fans in Seventh Heaven! Nearly 130,000 pages of declassified Air Force files on UFO investigations and sightings are now available in one place online.
Robert Paul Reyes
Larry Wilmore on Bill Cosby: That Expletive Did It! Wilmore is My Hero! Video! Boycott Bill Cosby!
SOP newswire3
Chuck Hagel Discusses Alliance Progress With South Korean Counterpart Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel called South Korean Defense Minister Han Min-koo yesterday to discuss recent progress made in strengthening the alliance between their nations and improving deterrence against North Korean provocations and aggression.
John G. Kays
In a Transient's Murder, Tasha Morrison, What Role Does a Tattered Brown Couch Play? Most of us will brush aside such an account as a normalcy, just life in the big city, and even an expected outcome for a lost soul such as Tasha Morrison.
Robert Paul Reyes
Baby Elephant Rescued Fom Pit: Video A baby elephant has been rescued after it fell into an empty water storage pit in south-west China.
Robert Paul Reyes
Matt Damon Launches 'Buy a Lady a Drink' Initiative: Video Get with the damn program and support Damon`s cause!
Robert Paul Reyes
Federal Charges Unlikely for Darren Wilson in Ferguson Case! Bottom Line: Michael Brown a Thug, Officer Wilson a Hero! End vendetta against Officer Wilson!
Keith Johnson
SOP Word of the Day: Insight Insight suggests an intellectual ability to infer and properly judge a situation or experience not only based on what is currently being experienced by also based on previous experiences.
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