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Outrage: New York Post Cover Calls Chelsea Clinton's Baby, 'Party Pooper'

Now a New York Post cover depicting Hillary in an outhouse with the caption "Still Full of Crap After all These Years", would be sound journalism.

Crazy World
Robert Paul Reyes
Bee Freaks Out Bubble-headed Bleach Blond Meteorologist on Live TV: Video It`s not too much to expect a modicum of professionalism from a TV meteorologist " shame on you Ms. Ketchmark!
SOP newswire2
Will Roberts: Syndicated Political & Social Humorist Makes Us Laugh Out Loud! For nearly three decades, Will Roberts has traveled the world to keep alive and kicking in the American consciousness.
Garrett Godwin
George Clooney is MARRIED!!! The newlyweds will have a civil ceremony on Monday to make their marriage official.
Ed Roberts
A Poem About 'Hope' A little light can destroy a whole lot of darkness
Crazy World
Robert Paul Reyes
Poop Prank Ends With Taser Attack: Video A pair of Czech YouTube stars carrying out pranks in the United States said a fake poop stunt went horribly wrong when a Lamborghini owner pulled out a Taser.
Robert Paul Reyes
Viral Video: Ohio State Coach Punishes Moron Who Rushes The Field: There is a God! Schlegel deserves a raise for his yeoman`s work in dispatching this creep.
Robert Paul Reyes
Outrage: New York Post Cover Calls Chelsea Clinton's Baby, 'Party Pooper' Now a New York Post cover depicting Hillary in an outhouse with the caption "Still Full of Crap After all These Years", would be sound journalism.
Garrett Godwin
Sony Pictures seeks to bring 'Summer' back into horror This fall, Jennifer Love Hewitt returns to CBS to enter the mind of serial killers as the newest profiler on Criminal Minds.
Ed Roberts
A Poem: Pieces So many people need to have their story told
Robert Paul Reyes
Sarah Palin Flubs White House Address in Speech! 1400 Pennsylvania Avenue! Really? Nothing can stop Sarah Palin; she`s on a mission from God to proclaim family values, and even her recent bacchanalian birthday bash for her husband that required cops to break up hasn`t caused her to hang her head in shame or to keep a low profile.
Robert Paul Reyes
Stay of Execution for Bird Living in Grocery Store It`s great when feathers get unruffled and panties get untwisted and common sense prevails.
Crazy World
Robert Paul Reyes
Slot Machine Luck Saves Gambler From Jail Police in Germany said a gambler about to be taken away to jail suddenly won enough money from a slot machine to pay off his fine.
SOP newswire3
At UN, Memorial to Slave Trade Will Send Powerful Message for Years to Come At a ceremony at the UN,6 nations The Netherlands, New Zealand, Qatar, Senegal, Jamaica and Spain marked the financing of The Ark of Return, the new memorial which will be unveiled in 2015.
SOP newswire3
Ban Presses for Support From International Community Amid Tenuous Mali Peace The international community must continue to support Mali as it embarks on its path towards peace, stability and development.
Robert Paul Reyes
Chelsea Gives Birth to Baby Girl! Congratulations Bill and Hillary Clinton! Bill and Hillary Clinton have become grandparents after their daughter, Chelsea Clinton, gave birth to a daughter named Charlotte.
Crazy World
Robert Paul Reyes
Bear Prevents Slacker Mailman From Delivering Package A British Columbia man said a postal worker who failed to deliver a package to his porch left behind a note explaining why: Bear at door.
Crazy World
Robert Paul Reyes
UFO Invasion of Portsmouth a Hoax! Pranksters Come Forward: Video Several images of an unidentified object hovering over Portsmouth did the rounds last week, sparking speculation that the city could be the landing site of an invasion of green-skinned aliens.
SOP newswire3
UN Chief Ban Urges Nations to Ratify Nuclear-test-ban Treaty While the damage caused by past nuclear testing cannot be reversed, the international community can work toward a better future where nuclear testing and proliferation are banned outright, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said today.
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