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The I-35, Serial Rock-Throwing Culprit Strikes for the 14th Time, Here in Austin!

First of all, I have to wonder whether this is just one disturbed individual who`s responsible for all 14 crimes, or whether there is a group of sickos working in cahoots with one another, and sharing a common motive or grudge.

SOP newswire3
Chuck Hagel Notes Progress Against ISIL as World Grows More Dangerous The U.S.-led fight against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant is showing good signs of progress.
John G. Kays
The I-35, Serial Rock-Throwing Culprit Strikes for the 14th Time, Here in Austin! First of all, I have to wonder whether this is just one disturbed individual who`s responsible for all 14 crimes, or whether there is a group of sickos working in cahoots with one another, and sharing a common motive or grudge.
Crazy World
Robert Paul Reyes
Electric Shock Turns Russian Boy into Magneto Boy: Video The pudgy Russian lad bears no physical resemblance to a superhero, but he wields powers similar to those of Marvel character Magneto.
Robert Paul Reyes
Bill Cosby 's 'The Cosby Show' Repeats Pulled! Cosby Guilty as Sin! Bill Cosby`s pending projects have been canceled, and his iconic The Cosby Show " has been banished from the TV Land network.
Robert Paul Reyes
Viral Video: Giant Panda Frolics in the Snow Toronto Zoo`s giant panda Da Mao has been captured on CCTV indulging in a spot of `bear-bogganing.`
SOP newswire3
UN Marks 'World Toilet Day' With one out of three women worldwide lacking access to safe toilets, it is a moral imperative to end open defecation to ensure women and girls are not at risk of assault and rape simply because they lack a sanitation facility.
John G. Kays
Miss Honduras, Maria Jose Alvarado, and Her Sister Murdered by Plutarco Ruiz, Boyfriend of Sofia Trinidad! Why? San Pedro Sula is the most violent city on the earth, averaging 3 murders per day (3.3 a day, with a total of 1,218 homicides in 2012 alone). Miss Honduras lives in Santa Barbara, but I don`t know whether this is much of a saving grace, in a country run by thuggish drug cartels.
Crazy World
Robert Paul Reyes
Sultry Stripper Strikes Skull of Sassy Stripper with Stiletto Police arrested a stripper in connection with a brutal stiletto assault that left a female coworker with puncture wounds in her head.
Robert Paul Reyes
Great Dane Gives Birth to 19 Puppies: Video Make this the most joyful holiday season of your life by adopting a puppy from your local animal shelter.
Robert Paul Reyes
Netflix Postpones Bill Cosby's Comedy Special! Cancel the Damn Thing! I love Netflix, and I enjoy watching their original programming as well as movies from their extensive archive, but if they air the Cosby special, I will immediately cancel my subscription.
SOP newswire3
UN: World`s Adolescents Can Help Economies Soar The 1.8 billion adolescents worldwide " more than ever before in human history " can help to propel their countries` economies.
SOP newswire3
UN Voices Concern Over Human Rights Violations in Yemen Voicing great concern over serious human rights abuses that have occurred in Yemen in recent months, the United Nations human rights office today issued a strong call on parties of all sides to renounce violence and ensure immediate access to humanitarian assistance in conflict zones.
SOP newswire3
UN: ISIS Seeks to Tear Iraq Apart The atrocious crimes perpetrated by ISIS risk plunging Iraq into catastrophe.
SOP newswire3
Developing Leaders is NDU`s Core Mission, Dempsey Says Developing leaders that champion innovation is the core mission of the National Defense University, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said at the assumption of the presidency of the institution today.
Robert Paul Reyes
Russian Dashboard Cam Captures Hellacious UFO Something big, bright and bodacious exploded over Russia, fortunately dashboard cams are as ubiquitous as drunken Russians passed out in subways, and one of them captured the astonishing spectacle.
SOP newswire3
Efforts by UN Underway to Step Up Ebola Response in Mali The United Nations is intensifying its efforts to keep the Ebola outbreak from spreading in Mali.
Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)
Judyth Piazza interviews Lucia Quiroga About WeCan WORKS on The American Perspective In her junior year of high school, Lucia Quiroga wanted to find a program where she could work and continue to attend school. After being introduced to WeCan WORKS, she received an opportunity to intern at a local hospital.
SOP newswire3
Chuck Hagel: Russia`s Actions Dangerous And Irresponsible Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel today called Russia`s actions in Ukraine dangerous and irresponsible and said the tensions provoked by Moscow have probably done more to unify NATO than anything else in years.
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