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Will Says...

A BIG Gorilla Maze!

Maze of a gorilla, created by Yonatan Frimer

SOP newswire2The Patriot Act: How Great is It? - The Patriot Act: How Great is It?
Yonatan FrimerChemtrails vs. Kassams - Maze cartoon about the contrast between chem-trails and kassam rockets. USA Skies and Israel Skies. By Yonatan Frimer
Yonatan FrimerA Week In The Life Of Helen Thomas - Maze cartoon by Yonatan Frimer on a Week in the life of Helen Thomas.
Will RobertsStraight Shooters: Don't ASK! Dont CARE! Doesn't MATTER! - That's the thing about war, it doesn't care who you are or who you sleep with, as long as it is not with the enemy!
Will RobertsSolar Maximum Threatens, Means People Could Be Dumbfounded and Lost! - Technological Ways of Life! A solar space storm that could knock out all technology for years!
Yonatan FrimerCartoon Maze: Not the size of the boat, It's the motion of the ocean... By Yonatan Frimer - Maze cartoon of political commentary on the middle east, By Yonatan Frimer
Yonatan FrimerWho you calling chicken? - Maze cartoon by Yonatan Frimer on Turkey's alliance with terrorist organizations
SOP newswire2H1N1 is Going To Get You - H1N1 is Going To Get You
Will RobertsHelp Wanted: Looking for a Slick Crew! Fun in the Sun! - All I know is what I read on the Internet! And I see that the President says things are looking up on the job front...
SOP newswire2Leadership Chicago Style - Leadership Chicago Style
Chris MinetreeGimme a 'H`! - Name any hardcore narcotic and it`s probably been used as a medicine at one time or another.
Yonatan FrimerWhich is the true Islam? Shia or Sunni? - Very funny maze cartoon on the various forms of Islam, Sunni and Shia. Created by Yonatan Frimer
Yonatan FrimerErdogan Compares Flotilla Raid to 9/11, How Does it Stack Up Against Armenian Genocide? - Maze cartoon by Yonatan Frimer poking fun at Turkey for comparing the Flotilla Raid to September 11th while they deny the Armenian Genocide
Will RobertsWill Says... Fire in the hole is better than oil in the hole! - Why don't we just take care of this oil thing the good ole American way... explosives! Watch any adventure movie; it is always solved with a stick of dynamite. Drop in the hole, run, hole collapses.
Yonatan FrimerGaza Flotilla and what it left in its wake - maze cartoon poking fun at the gaza flotilla which was supposed to be humanitarian mission but instead caused activists to violence and terror, much like the hamas they are bringing materials to.
Yonatan FrimerCartoon Maze Lie Detector Electricity, by Yonatan Frimer - Yonatan Frimer maze cartoon making fun of how politicians lie
Will RobertsCrude... Rude ... and Unacceptable! - Will Says... I think we need to stop coming down so hard on BP boys.
Yonatan FrimerCartoon Maze of Sarah Ferguson Accepting Bribes - Cartoon maze of Sarah Ferguson thinking about taking money out from a bear trap which is labeled "News Of The World" and says, "I am going to try and grab it, Hopefully it`s not a trap.
Will RobertsWill Says... I am campaigning on a platform of ... Trash! - Now all I know is what I see on the side of the road, and that is TRASH!
Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)Judyth Piazza and The SOP Wishing You a Happy Memorial Day - Judyth Piazza and The SOP Wishing You a Happy Memorial Day
Yonatan FrimerTurkey fuel rods for Iran Nuclear reactor, by Yonatan Frimer - Very funny political cartoon maze by Yonatan Frimer on Iran and Turkey
Will RobertsWill Says... Lions, Tigers and Bears... Oh MY! - Well the circus was in Baton Rouge the other day and with it came another side show, animal rights folks.
Will RobertsWill Roberts Oil Pluggin Plan - I love a good challenge! and right now our country is facing one of our biggest... messes in history. So word has it they will take anyone`s solution for this problem.
Yonatan FrimerDow Jones Industrial Airlines Maze Cartoon - Cartoon maze editorial of an airplane, labled Dow Jones that has sand bags on its wings and tail and the sand is leaking out an labeled
Will RobertsStop Sugar Coating What Already Has An Oil Coat! - When you are a knife thrower it is a given that while the wheel is turning you might miss and hit an artery and your target might bleed to death.
Will RobertsWill Says... BP WAY over par in this game of GULF they are playing! - This weekend was a biggie for achievement and I hope you folks had your own. Big or small, it may be as simple as cleaning house.
Yonatan FrimerObama needs to wake up and smell the.... - Editorial cartoon maze of President Obama sleeping as a hot cup of coffee marked "Polls" is next to him
Yonatan FrimerOil Won't Grow on Trees - Maze cartoon about oil not growing on trees after the environmental disaster by BP
Will RobertsWhere R Da JOBS Obama? - I also read that a lot of folks are Tweeting and Facebooking instead of working! So I say, "Hand over the job, or get back to work!"
Yonatan FrimerBum in Times Square - By Yonatan Frimer - Maze Cartoon of a ticking bum in Times Square - By Yonatan Frimer
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