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Soldier Excels in Student Chef Competition

With extreme focus, the soldier wiped the plate with a towel, then looked up and said, I'm done.

Rocco LoosbrockRoast Beef Quesadillas, perfect for Super Bowl Snack this Sunday! - Recently I had a chance to chat with the American Meat Institute! Wow, people like us who think about beef and pork meat all day long!
Rocco LoosbrockA Bacon Explosion! Emeril's Bacon, Green Onion and Cheddar Biscuit Recipe - Emeril's Bacon, Green Onion and Cheddar Biscuit Recipe. This isn`t just your usual Emeril Lagasse Cajun Cuisine, but rather something a little more generic and perfect for breakfast, dinner or in between snacks.
Rocco LoosbrockChavrie Roasted Red Pepper Quesadillas - Recently I spoke with Chef Greg Gable who is Executive Chef of Chavrie. Gable first acquired critical acclaim over his 13 years at
Rocco LoosbrockHow to Perfectly Pair Jelly and Sausage for Breakfast. - Recently I asked the cooking community to provide me with some ideas on creating the ultimate breakfast. Specifically I asked what kind of meal would you create if I wanted breakfast sausage and jelly like the kind offered at the Coastal Vineyards Jam, Jelly and Preserves Club?
Rocco LoosbrockDanny Bortnick uses bacon to make a meat ball! Learn how! - Danny Bortnick is the executive chef at Firefly Restaurant in Washington, DC. He caught wind about our quest to find the best bacon related
Rocco LoosbrockComfort Foods and Intimate Space in Scott Circle. - Nage Restaurant teaches us how to make Lobster Pot Pie with Bacon
Rocco LoosbrockSazerac Restaurant Introduces Bacon to its Appetizer Menu - Recently, I spoke to Executive Chef Jason McClure, at Sazerac Restaurant in Seattle. I asked him if he could share with us an appetizer that contained bacon. He has prepared us with a special treat Grilled Dates on Brochette. He says that this appetizer has fast become one of the most popular items on the appetizer menu.
Rocco LoosbrockHolly Clegg discovers Baconfreak.com Bacon Perfect Choice for Black-Eyed Pea Dip! - Recently I wrote about Holly Clegg who is the best-selling author of the trim&TERRIFIC cookbook
Rocco LoosbrockWhat does a private yacht chef like Mary Beth Lawton Johnson like to cook? - Recently, I have had the chance of chatting back and forth with Chef Mary Beth Lawton Johnson, CEPC, CCC who hails from Savannah Georgia where seafood reigns king in every restaurant and tavern along the marsh laden coast.
Rocco LoosbrockKathy Casey a fan of bacon? - Recently I had the privilege of speaking with celebrity chef, mixologist and pioneer in the bar-chef movement Kathy Casey!
Robert Paul ReyesRestaurant Frees George The 140-Year-Old Lobster - "A 140-year-old lobster once destined for a dinner plate received the gift of life Friday from a Park Avenue seafood restaurant.
Rocco LoosbrockCoastal Vineyards Introduces Bourbon Brined BBQ Ribs! - People ask me several times a week if there is a best way or if I have a favorite way to cook our gourmet ribs.
Rocco LoosbrockBacon Is Best Currency At Burning Man! - At the annual cultural celebbration Burning Man, " money may be of little value to some revelers but bacon holds it value like pure
Rocco LoosbrockBacon Good Enough To Drink: Reintroducing The Bacontini! - Wet your whistle " with wondrous wit and whimsy. Re-introducing the Bacontini! " No kidding, make this right and it truly does taste delicious.
Rocco LoosbrockSizzlin` Skin Pix Of Out Favorite Flesh! - What do you think about the idea of "Bacon Tats!" For those of you not paying attention, that's "Bacon Tattoos," not Bacon &
Rocco LoosbrockAnother Pasta-bilty: Broccoli and Sausage! - The truth is; gourmet sausage simply isn't just for breakfast anymore! Seems like everywhere I go,
Rocco LoosbrockEat Like A King For Just A Few Bucks. - These days a lobster dinner is far more affordable than ever. There`s simply no reason to ever
Rocco LoosbrockGot A Half Hour, How Bout A Lobster Dinner - Broiled Lobster With Cajun Butter In Under 30 Minutes! The New York Times presents a great new lobster recipe that will absolutely blow your
Rocco LoosbrockBacon Ban Brings Dire Ire To The Land! - The Bacon Crisis " is finally over in Northern Ireland! Official government regulators are now giving the Celtic Pork a !0 Snout Salute! "
Rocco LoosbrockLuxury on Sale: The Lobster Glut - If you were one of those people who just never felt right about spending the money to enjoy one of the world's most delightfully,
Rocco LoosbrockJoy To The World, The Bacon Is Here! - Looking for a holder for your mobile phone, or MP3 player? How about a case that resembles a
Rich James (Marketing)Top 10 Christmas Eating Tips - Did someone mention fruitcake? Granted, it's loaded with the mandatory celebratory calories, but avoid it at all cost. I mean, have some standards.
Rocco LoosbrockL'Auberge Provencale Provencale Eggs Benedict with Caramelized Onion Tartlet, Bacon - I know that true fans of bacon such as myself are always looking for award winning bacon recipes.
Rocco LoosbrockCajun Bacon is the star of this Bacon Burger and Bacon Smashed Potato dinner! - Even before bacon exploded in bits all over the internets, I have to admit I considered myself somewhat of a bacon connoisseur.
Rocco LoosbrockGourmet Bacon Or Maple Pancakes? - Gourmet Bacon and Buttermilk Pancakes with REAL maple chunks in one bag. All you do is add water! How delicious and mouth watering is that?
Rocco LoosbrockIf you want the perfect savory-sweet-salty topping, use bacon! - Holly has prepared a few recipes for us that include bacon in recipes where you wouldn`t expect it.
Rocco LoosbrockCan bacon spice up your Bloody Mary? - Since my last trip to Seattle and tasting for the first time a Mitch Morgan`s whiskey with Bacon Freak Bacon in it, I have been searching for restaurants and wine bars who make an adult drink with bacon in it.
Rocco LoosbrockJeff Glick of Embassy Suites serves up an Apple Bacon recipe - Embassy Suites serves bacon and eggs over 9,000 times a day! That means they need to know how to do it right.
Rocco LoosbrockPinot Noir a Go-to Wine When Pairing with Bacon - Pinot Noir is my go-to wine when I think about pairing with a bacon heavy dish.
Rocco LoosbrockRainn Wilson rejects brownies for a mouthful of jerky - The NBC show, The Office, frequently threads food references into their episodes. On a recent episode,
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