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UN Marks 'World Breastfeeding Week'

Kicking off World Breastfeeding Week, the United Nations today stressed that although breastfeeding has cognitive and health benefits for infants and mothers, investment shortcomings impede the practice.

SOP newswire2Cancer Family Caregivers Should Know Their Rights! - Author, Things I Wish I`d Known: Cancer Caregivers Speak Out
SOP newswire2MedXCom announces MedXSafe - an App to assist in the STD War - MedXCom is a HIPAA compliant medical communication system for Patients and Doctors
Harry J. Getzov"gOLD" Nuggets - Fred Kasica On Health & Wellness: Secret to Success Humor! - If you`re talking pure wisdom and keen observation skills, soaked up over years of living a simple, good life -- an active life -- then Mr. Fred Kasica was, most certainly, something to behold. And a lot of fun to be around, too.
SOP newswire2Will the US Supreme Court Approve Adult Stem Cell Research? - Adult Stem Cell Researchers Represented by Jubilee Campaign's Law of Life Project Express Great Disappointment that the U.S. Supreme Court Declined Today to Hear Their Case to Enjoin Destructive Human Embryo Research
SOP newswire2UCLA Psychiatrist Dr. Judith Orloff Explains the Secrets of Surrender - UCLA psychiatrist Judith Orloff MD's TED talk on the secrets of surrender is creating quite a stir.
Judyth Piazza CEO (Editor)Judyth Piazza interviews Dr. Ahson Rabbani About The i-Care Foundation and Cyberknife Robotic Radiosurgery System - Judyth Piazza interviews Dr. Ahson Rabbani, CEO of The i-Care Foundation on The American Perspective Radio Program
SOP newswire260 is the new 40: 5 Motivational Ways to Age Backwards - Beyond good diet and exercise " which are critical for anyone at any age " getting motivated is the key to aging well.
SOP newswire3UN Seeks To Eliminate Cholera In Haiti - The UN announced a new initiative to help eliminate cholera in Haiti and the Dominican Republic.
SOP newswire2Study Finds New Blood Thinner May Help Prevent Leg Clots in Patients with Deep Vein Thrombosis - New Blood Thinner May Help Prevent Leg Clots, Study Finds. Apixaban appears safer, easier to use than warfarin, but just as effective, researchers say
SOP newswire2Noted Doctor Warns of Threat to Patients: Offers Tips - Burnout, Plaguing Physicians, New Study Shows
SOP newswire2Elders` Elves Help Seniors With Everything from 'Gift Wrap to Google' - Local 'Holiday Helpers' Lend a Helping Hand for the Holidays
SOP newswire2Ground Breaking Evidence: 11 Memory-Boosting Diet Recommendations for Alzheimer's - Here are 11 memory-boosting dietary recommendations, based on the latest scientific research and our clinical experience treating patients with AD and MCI.
SOP newswire3UN Aims to Halve HIV-Associated Tuberculosis Deaths - People living with HIV are 20 to 30 times more likely to develop active TB than people without HIV infections.
SOP newswire2Thanksgiving is Family Health History Day - Prepare for a Thanksgiving Day family conversation by making a list of relatives including parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, and cousins.
SOP newswireAustralian Psychiatrist Cracks the Mind-Body Cipher - New book by veteran psychiatrist clears the confusion surrounding the long-held discussion on the mind-body problem.
Ron G AnselmThe Key to Living a Healthier Life May Just Be in a Little Cup of Tea - I know I normally do not drink tea. If I drink a cup of tea it has to be almost be that the world is coming to an end because I just don`t enjoy a lot of the flavors of tea.
SOP newswire2Ten Natural Pain Remedies - Herbal pain relief expert and Healthy Back Institute Co-founder Jesse Cannone, searches out and finds Nature`s 10 most powerful, clinically proven pain stoppers.
SOP newswire2NHS Pharmaceuticals Should be Purchased from Europe - Not From the Middle East! - It appears from the result of the recent EU vote, that it is entirely possible that the entire drug inventory of the NHS, totalling hundreds of millions of pounds, could in future, be sourced from Israeli suppliers.
Robert Paul ReyesDrying Clothes Inside Poses Health Risks - Hanging my clothes in the backyard, isn`t an option, I ain`t gonna let anybody see my dirty drawers.
SOP newswire2Patients Suffering from IC or OAB Can Finally Enjoy Their Coffee - Drinking coffee is one of life's simpler pleasures - except for people who have symptoms of overactive bladders (OAB) or interstitial cystitis (IC).
SOP newswire2Meningitis Scare Causing Pain - Thus far, 257 people have been diagnosed with Meningitis following their receipt of contaminated spinal steroid injections, a treatment for back pain.
SOP newswire2Adderall May Not Be a One-Way Ticket to Masters Programs Afterall - The need to succeed against what often seem to be unbearable odds have led many to experiment with so-called study drugs, Adderall typically topping the list.
SOP newswire3UN Launches De-worming Effort In West Africa - Countries gripped by a hunger crisis in West Africa`s Sahel region urgently need additional help to combat a series of intestinal-worm and other Neglected Tropical Diseases.
SOP newswire2Four Treatments for Life-Threatening Diseases Your Doctor Probably Won't Tell You About - Adapted from the Amazon.com Bestseller, HONEST MEDICINE: Effective, Time-Tested, Inexpensive Treatments for Life-Threatening Diseases
Dr. Judith Orloff (Mentor)Are You in a Relationship with Someone Who has a Victim Mentality? - As a psychiatrist I teach my patients the importance of learning how to deal effectively with draining people. In Emotional Freedom
SOP newswire2The Story of Boobs: The Breast Tale Ever Told - The Story of Boobs: The Breast Tale Ever Told " is a video that presents the various theories explaining why women have breasts and what their functions are.
Stan PopovichLearn How Celebrities And Others Can Benefit From Rehab - Many people who enter rehab for various mental health issues sometimes do not know how to take advantage of the advice given to them.
Gloria LoringGloria Loring: "Coincidence is God`s Way of Remaining Anonymous" - The premise of Gloria`s book, Coincidence is God`s Way of Remaining Anonymous: Coincidences offer us life-changing signposts.
SOP newswire2New Book Unveils the Core of Child Abuse - Heyward B. Ewart`s new book 'Soul Rape: Recovering Personhood After Abuse' provides an effective 7-step program for use by victims, their therapists, and for group work.
SOP newswire2What's Causing the Discomfort? Common Over-the-Counter Drugs that May Be Making You Sick - We're used to masking our symptoms, and our drugstores are more than happy to stock over-the-counter (OTC) medications to help us do it.
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