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Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders Better Not Run for President in 2020

Of the nine candidates officially running in the Democratic presidential primary, only one is a heterosexual white man.

Robert Paul ReyesChilean Miner Who Loves Elvis Presley Visits Graceland - Edison Pena, 34, who spent 69 days trapped underground with 32 colleagues, was a special guest Friday at Elvis Presley's annual birthday celebration at his Graceland home in Memphis.
Djelloul (Del) Marbrook (Editor/Mentor)Hollywood and Madison Avenue Imagery Widens The Chasm Between Rich and Poor - The persistent image in our filmmaking and advertising is of Americans of white Anglo-Saxon origin, and it encourages an increasingly unjust society emerging since the Korean War.
John G. KaysWere the 11 'Disabled Rape' DVDs Produced for a Target Audience of Fetish Seekers? - The fact that as many as ten sick men were involved in these rapes, and that they thought to record them for posterity, is a deviance I`m not able to wrap my fragile mind around, just yet.
Robert Paul ReyesGender-Neutral Passport Application Applauded By Gay Rights Groups - The words 'mother' and 'father' will be removed from U.S. passport applications and replaced with gender neutral terminology, the State Department says.
Robert Paul ReyesDead Fish, Dead Birds: Taste Of Horrors That Will Be Unleashed In 2012? - On 2012 when horrible things start happening, if government officials offer patently absurd explanations, the people will lose all faith in the government, and we might see panic and riots.
Avah LaReauxAnother Huckleberry Adventure - Classic Mark Twain novel comes under scrutiny for colorful language
Chic HollisWhich is More Important: Luck, Skill or Consequences? - Some of you might not consider yourself blest with good luck because of the current adverse economic situation, a chronic illnessM, a painful injury, or the break up of an unhappy marriage.
Robert Paul ReyesDead Fish, Dead Birds, Dead Crabs: Biblical or Ecological Apocalypse? - Kirk Cameron has spoken and that settles it, we aren't living in the Biblical end times.
Philip TironeThe Big Credit Scam: Your Lender's Dirty Little Secret - Another credit scam that is causing your interest rates to rise artificially.
Robert Paul ReyesMoron Speeding To Take Wife In Labor To Hospital Slapped With Ticket! Amen! - New Hampshire State Police said they will not back off a speeding ticket given to a man who was rushing his wife to the hospital while she was in labor.
Robert Paul ReyesTerrific Idea: Strip Club To Be Located Next To DFW International Airport - One of the busiest airports in the world will soon be a neighbor to an upscale gentlemen's club, but some prominent North Texans are trying to shut it down before it even opens.
Robert Paul ReyesOutrage: Facebook Friends Mock Lady Who Posted Suicide Message Online - A middle-aged woman who told her 1,048 Facebook 'friends' that she had taken an overdose was found dead the next day after none came to her aid.
John G. KaysWhat Was the 'Real Relationship' Between Andrea Sneiderman and Hemy Zvi Neuman? - What shocks me most about these people is how professional they are. This is why the cold-blooded shooting death of Rusty Sneiderman on November 18th is so disturbing.
Robert Paul ReyesOutrage: New Version Of Huckleberry Finn To Replace N-Word With Slave - It's ironic that a few civil rights leaders want to ban or edit Twain's masterpiece in the name of defending African-Americans' integrity, when the runaway slave Jim, is the most noble character in the novel.
Robert Paul ReyesDead Birds And Dead Fish: End Times Calamity Or Chicken Little Hysteria? - Mass bird die-offs can be caused by many things: Disease, poison, starvation... But people aren't satisfied with educated guesses, they want answers.
Robert Paul ReyesIs President Obama Sick? Obama Looks Like A Skeleton! - The weight of the world may be on his shoulders but there's not much around President Barack Obama's middle.
Robert Paul ReyesRussian Spy Anna Chapman And Sarah Palin: So Much Alike It's Scary - Undercover spy turned media star Anna Chapman marked the New Year by starring in a parody of a popular Soviet spy film and then telling Russians never to keep love a secret.
John G. KaysLittle Solace For Me, After Discovery Of Tanya Shannon`s Body Yesterday - We found out yesterday the final fate of Tanya Shannon. Tanya was found at 9:21 AM in a soybean field by a news helicopter that spotted her red party dress.
Robert Paul ReyesNightmare: First Birds Drop Dead, Now 100,000 Fish Die In Arkansas River! - Officials are investigating what may have killed some 100,000 fish in the Arkansas River in the northwestern section of the state, authorities said on Sunday.
Robert Paul ReyesList Of Banished Words Includes Sarah Palin's Refudiate - A Michigan college's annual 'List of Words Banished' from the language include the Sarah Palin-coined 'refudiate' and online terms viral,' 'epic' and 'fail.'
John G. KaysDid Nickey Van Exel Commit Capital Murder, Or Was It Just 'HORSEPLAY,' as He Claims? - I put down this case once, but the final quote from a Dallas Morning News article wouldn`t let go of me. He kissed his mother on the cheek and said "Don`t worry Mr. Eyo, we`re going to find who killed Bradley,` that`s coldblooded. "
Robert Paul ReyesThousands Of Blackbirds Drop From The Sky In Arkansas! Wrath Of God? - Residents of Beebe in Arkansas have been left baffled after more than 2,000 blackbirds fell to their deaths in a section of the city.
Robert Paul ReyesOutrage: 94-Year-Old Indian Sires A Son! - A 94-year-old man in India claims he has become the country's oldest father by siring a son.
Robert Paul ReyesDude Proposes With Elaborate 3,000 Lights Show - A Pennsylvania man proposed to his girlfriend with an elaborate Christmas light show ending with the words spelled out on his parents' roof.
Djelloul (Del) Marbrook (Editor/Mentor)Osama Bin Laden is a Godsend to The People Who are Shipping Your Future to China - Osama bin Laden, far from being a war lord and religious reformer, is a creepy suck-up to the ruling elite, a slave of War Inc.
Robert Paul Reyes10 Things I Hope We Won't See In 2011: Eddie Long's Wig, Bieber, Sarah Palin... - I would rather drink water from Rosie O'Donnell's dirty bath water than listen to one minute of the view.
John G. KaysWill Bill Richardson Weigh History Against Myth in 'Pardon' of Billy The Kid? - We should know by tomorrow whether the outgoing Governor of New Mexico, Bill Richardson will pardon Billy The Kid. More votes favor a pardoning. Governor Lew Wallace had offered the pardon to Billy in exchange for his testimony against three men who killed a one-armed lawyer.
John G. KaysHow Could the 'Crossbow Cannibal' Be A PHD Candidate In Serial Killers? Duh, Hint Hint! - The case of Stephen Griffiths in England is most bizarre. And what`s even odder is that he wasn`t caught many years before last May.
Robert Paul ReyesOnly In California: Free Joints For Food Donations - The owners of a California medical marijuana dispensary said they collected 11,000 pounds of food for charity by giving out free marijuana cigarettes.
Robert Paul ReyesEvil Lady Fakes Kidnapping To Test Husband! Dude, Divorce Her! - Spanish police have detained a woman who faked her own kidnapping to test whether her husband would pay ransom, sending him a photograph of herself with bound hands and feet, police said Monday.
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