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Trump: NATO Member Nations Must Increase Defense Spending

President Donald J. Trump called for NATO member nations to step up and pay their fair share of defense spending in the fight against global terrorism.

John LillpopApple Gate - Ann Coulter Exposed - Of Ann Coulter's many outstanding physical attributes--long blond hair, crystal-blue eyes, drop-dead gorgeous smile, movie-star skin, and on and on...
John LillpopLiberals have not been this excited since Viet Nam fell to the communists! - Revelations about former Speaker Gingrich's extra-marital affair while he was pursuing Bill Clinton's scalp for impeachment are titillating, but only to those seeking to fill their hollow skulls with unmitigated pap.
John LillpopRudy Giuliani or Ann Coulter? - You Decide... - Anyone who has studied Giuliani's record knows he is wrong on abortion, wrong on immigration, wrong on gay issues, and, in fact, wrong on nearly all issues important to conservatives.
Will RobertsFreedom of ______, You fill in the blank! - Mrs. Ann Coulter, A bundle of sticks is one definition for the choice word you used to describe the presidential candidate.
SOP newswireSuspected AQ Media Emir, alleged Butcher captured in raids - BAGHDAD, Iraq – Coalition Forces killed one terrorist and captured 16 suspected terrorists including an alleged al-Qaeda media emir during raids Friday morning throughout Iraq.
SOP newswirePetraeus Says Need For More MPs in Iraq - WASHINGTON, March 8, 2007 – The possibility of sending a contingent of military police to Iraq to augment the more than 21,500 American combat troops already earmarked for deployment there was foreseen by military
SOP newswireAl Anbar, IP draws big numbers - CAMP ELLIS — In an unprecedented move by local leaders in the town of Barwanah, a village of 20,000 citizens in the Anbar Province of Iraq,
S Renee GreeneSo, Who's Watching Big Brother? - One of my favorite movie plots is the one where his or her victim is stalking the stalker. Somehow, a character-victim gets to turn the tables on their enemy by becoming his or her worst nightmare.
SOP newswireHamden, Conn. Manufacturer Faces $42,500 in Fines - BRIDGEPORT, Conn. -- The U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has issued citations to Insulpane of Connecticut Inc. for a range of
Brandon JenningsFollow the Money - West Virginia Public Theater Misspent funds not discovered by Morgantown Gov't for over 2 years
Brandon JenningsSmoke and Mirrors Argument against Bush's new plan - Something must be done in order to curb the violence in Iraq, and President Bush has stepped forward with a plan that he hopes will do just that. However, even though he has said that a plan that does not function on
SOP newswireNew Security Plan Encouraging for Iraq - The initial signs are encouraging, although there is a long way to go,” Zalmay Khalilzad said in an interview on CNN’s “Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer
John LillpopAnn Coulter Should Apologize for Crude Remark (Satire) - Conservative sharp-shooter Ann Coulter dropped the following bombshell during a speech at a national conservative gathering:
SOP newswirePresident Declares Major Disaster For Alabama - WASHINGTON - The head of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) announced that federal disaster aid has been made available for the
John LillpopDick Cheney: America's Hero - Over the years, America has been richly blessed with men who have served with distinction and honor while Vice President. Names like
Will RobertsA Crackpot's Potshot at the U.S. War Plan in Iraq - Will Says...Well here it is! The Republicans had a chance and the Democrats had a chance. Anyone with a semblance of a plan could pretty much take a shot at it. So, here's my plan.
SOP newswireCCCI convicts 10 insurgents, One for 30 years - BAGHDAD, Iraq – The Central Criminal Court of Iraq convicted 10 security detainees from Feb. 18 - 22, for various crimes including possession of illegal weapons, possessing fake identification, use of explosives, passport violations
John LillpopWhat's up with Dubya's Phone Manners - Speaker Nancy Pelosi has made headlines all over the world recently with her eyeball-to-eyeball conflagration with Vice President Dick Cheney.
SOP newswireRice Says, Iran's Nuclear Policies Leading to Greater Isolation - Washington -- By refusing to suspend its nuclear enrichment and reprocessing activities, Iran is continuing to isolate itself from the international community,
SOP newswireFardh Al-Qanoon, Iraqi Army sends troops - BAGHDAD — The Iraqi Government took an important step Sunday in both uniting their country and following through with Fardh Al-Qanoon (the Baghdad Security Plan) when Soldiers from Kurdistan
John LillpopWhy not seize Bill's bills for the common good? Satire - As it turns out, former president Bill Clinton has collected nearly $40 million in speaking fees over the past six years.
John LillpopCan You See W in Fatigues? - On Wednesday, they told the world that the UK is pulling out of Iraq with 1,600 limeys scheduled to leave by the end of this year.
SOP newswire Baghdad security challenging but doable says Caldwell - BAGHDAD — The Multi-National Force-Iraq spokesman addressed journalists during an operational update media roundtable Wednesday at the Combined Press Information Center.
K ThompsonThe Best Dressed World Leaders - Appearances are very important in a leadership role because people do judge a book by its cover. Being the best dressed is not just about choosing the right clothes.
John LillpopLiberals' Return to Power, Year of the Pig, and Divine Truth - The spiritually naive probably view the capture of both chambers of Congress by Democrats, including the ascension of Nancy Pelosi to House Speaker, as coincidental
John LillpopThe Yo! Blair De-Surge - To Surge or to de-surge? Just as President Bush is about to hurdle humankind's most successful democracy into a precarious constitutional
SOP newswireViolence, progress mark 2006 in Iraq - The past year was one of inclusiveness, as Iraq’s elected government functioned with representatives from nearly every sect and tribe. The year also saw major strides in security operations, as Iraqi Security Forces took the lead in law
John Lillpop Obama: Wake up and Smell the Death in U.S. - While Senator Barack Obama called the loss of 3,100 Americans in the war on terror "wasted lives," the senator, all of his Democrat colleagues, RINOs, and President Bush choose to ignore a far more outrageous statistic.
John Lillpop Rep. Keith Ellison Issues Fatwa on Cigar Smoke - Democrat Keith Ellison, the only Muslim elected to the U.S. Congress, has decided to tackle issues that other politicians normally shy away from.
Krista BellesColorado Lawmakers Reject Ban on Abortion - The Senate Judiciary Committee voted 4-3 against the measure with all Democrats voting against it and all Republicans voting for it.
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