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America Bids Goodbye to President George H.W. Bush

Eulogies hailed former President George Herbert Walker Bush as both a great and a good man at a state funeral service at the Washington National Cathedral here today.

SOP newswireU.N. Security Council To Consider Establishing Lebanese Tribunal - United Nations -- The United States expects the U.N. Security Council to consider a draft resolution that would establish a special tribunal to hear cases arising
SOP newswireIraq: U.S. Transition Team On The Ground - BAGHDAD — New Iraqi Soldiers trained on essential skills at the “Lions Academy” Sunday and Monday.
SOP newswireBush and Supporters Approve Iraq Prison System - Supporting the security and justice systems in Iraq is one of the main challenges that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers confronts to help the Iraqi government develop the infrastructure countrywide.
SOP newswireCheney's Reconciliation Agreement - Most Iraqi's on Board - Cheney told the Iraqi leaders with whom he met that they must be aggressive in seeking solutions to these matters.
John LillpopDubya's Dance With Democrat Davis - Lanny Davis, it will be recalled, was the extraordinarily smooth talking, smiley-faced lawyer who spent most of 1993 through 2000 on television talk shows defending Bill Clinton.
SOP newswireIran Agree To Hold Talks With United States on Iraq - Washington –- Following on a brief exchange between U.S. and Iranian officials at the Iraq Neighbors’ Conference in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, Washington and Tehran have agreed to engage in ambassadorial-level discussions about
SOP newswireIraq: Time For Compromise in Constitutional Review Process - On the eve of Iraq’s deadline for completing its Constitutional Review, the top United Nations envoy to the troubled country today called for action
SOP newswireSarasota- New National Cemetery Needed For Veterans - WASHINGTON -- To ensure veterans of southwestern Florida have access to a final resting place that honors their military service, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)
John LillpopMum's the Word on Mother's Day! - For gifting the world with me, my mum deserves the eternal gratitude of the entire planet.
SOP newswireBush and Comprehensive Immigration Reform - President Bush called on senators to pass a comprehensive immigration bill that will respect U.S. federal laws, meet the legitimate needs of workers and employers and treat people with dignity.
SOP newswireIntelligence School in Iraq? - BAGHDAD " Soldiers at the Iraqi Military Intelligence School completed a field training exercise, which showcased new real-life scenarios, in Taji, Iraq, Wednesday.
SOP newswireKamal Labwani Sentenced in Syria - The United States condemns the Government of Syria for its harsh and unjust sentencing of political prisoner Kamal Labwani. This action against Mr. Labwani reflects the Syrian
John LillpopPelosi Power Petering Out? - According to a new poll, the U.S. Congress is now held in the same contempt as is W.
SOP newswireIraq condemning yesterday’s bombing of three Iraqi bridges - BAGHDAD, Iraq – Multi-National Force – Iraq condemns yesterday’s senseless acts against the Iraqi people, and sends its sincerest condolences to those who lost a loved one.
SOP newswireJustice Department to Monitor Elections in Bush Country - WASHINGTON - The Justice Department today announced that on May 12, 2007, it will monitor local elections in the Denton Independent School District, Fort Bend County, Farmers Branch, and Killeen, Texas, to ensure compliance with the Voting Rights Act.
John LillpopHate Paint Thrives in Baltimore - Rush Limbaugh the Target - Baltimore, Maryland is a city haunted by liberal infestation without equal, save San Francisco, which is actually a political suburb of Moscow.
SOP newswireBush and Cheney will stay on offensive against terror - Al-Qaeda terrorists have chosen Iraq as the central front in their worldwide campaign against freedom, so America must stay in the fight to prevent them from
SOP newswireLeaders of Iraq committed to success, U.S. vice president says in Baghdad - Washington -- Vice President Cheney, in Baghdad, Iraq, urged Iraqi leaders to make progress on the political and security issues pending before the Iraqi government.
SOP newswireThree Secret Cell Terrorists Killed in Air strike - BAGHDAD, Iraq – Coalition Forces killed three terrorists and detained four suspected terrorists Thursday morning during raids in Sadr City.
George Curry (Former Featured Editor)Candidates Should Follow Their Followers on Poverty - In this era of extensive polling, perhaps this new data will force the would-be presidents to follow the lead of their followers.
SOP newswireFormation of Power-Sharing Government in Northern Ireland - Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today welcomed news of the formation of a new power-sharing government in Northern Ireland involving politicians from the British province’s Protestant and Roman
John LillpopDubya Winks at Queen; Yo! Liz NOT Amused - Oh, Hell to the Chief? - During a welcoming ceremony for Queen Elizabeth at the White House, President Bush stumbled somewhat by implying that the monarch had toured the United States in 1776.
SOP newswireIraq, Can Is There A Way To Move Forward? - BAGHDAD — Iraqi and U.S. government officials along with the Multi-National Force-Iraq spokesman held a press conference at the Combined Press Information Center Sunday.
John LillpopLiberal Law Breaker Begs Special Buckle Up, Slow 'er Down Invitation - Given the damage Honorable Governor Corzine has inflicted on the Garden State, some believe the governor should rehabilitate a bit longer-- until like, say 2010.
SOP newswireThree Servicemembers Killed, Two Wounded - Three U.S. troops were killed yesterday, two in Afghanistan and one in Iraq, and two servicemembers were wounded yesterday in Afghanistan, military officials reported.
John LillpopGo SOUTH Illegals--Like Venezuela! - As Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez lurches further and further leftward, he continues to justify his socialist fascism as a legitimate
SOP newswireCOALITION FORCES FIND TORTURE ROOM - BAGHDAD, Iraq – Coalition Forces destroyed a torture room, a large cache of weapons and improvised explosive device-making materials Sunday morning while targeting terrorists in Sadr City.
SOP newswireU.S. Envoy Hill Says, Six-Party Agreement Still on Track - Washington " Despite delays in shutting down a North Korean nuclear facility at the center of an agreement reached in the Six-Party Talks, lead U.S.
SOP newswirePeace process in Nepal holding firm - Despite the postponement of elections planned for mid-June in Nepal, the peace process in the mountainous country, which recently
SOP newswireDivision Targets Flow of Accelerants of Violence to Baghdad - WASHINGTON, May 4, 2007 – A newly formed military division in Iraq is focusing on stopping the flow into Baghdad of what the unit’s commander called “accelerants of violence” from the south.
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