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White House Staff Should Resign En Masse in Protest of Donald Trump's Racism

I have no respect for Kelly or any other administration official who doesnt resign in protest, if they remain on Trumps staff they are complicit in his racism and bigotry.

SOP newswireThird Review Conference on Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons - The Third Review Conference of the Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons, which concluded today, November 17, 2006, welcomed the entry into force of a new Protocol on Explosive
SOP newswireRice Says, Vietnam Has Bright Future - Washington – A country that seemed inexorably linked with war
SOP newswireSecretary Condoleezza Rice Remarks at the APEC CEO Summit - Thank you for that overly generous introduction and I bring you greetings on behalf of President Bush, who is currently attending the first session of the APEC Leaders. I'd also like to thank
SOP newswirePresident Bush Meets with Prime Minister Abe of Japan - Mr. Prime Minister, thank you very much for your time. We just had a very frank and full discussion. I admire the Prime Minister's intellect, I'm very comfortable with his style, and I'm very confident we'll be able to work together for
SOP newswirePresident Bush Exchanges Toasts at State Banquet in Vietnam - PRESIDENT BUSH: Mr. President, and Madam Chi, the reason I'm smiling is because I'm really happy to be here. And so is Laura. And we thank you for your warm hospitality. First, I want to congratulate you for your
SOP newswireState's Dobriansky Recaps U.S. Efforts on Climate Change - Washington -- Assisting developing nations deal with critical environmental challenges like climate change is a top priority of the Bush administration
SOP newswireInterview With Maura Fogarty of CNBC Asia - Well, I think the United States is very engaged in Asia. First of all, the President is coming here to Southeast Asia. I was just in Southeast Asia, in Kuala Lumpur last summer for the ASEAN meetings. Not too long ago I was in Northeast Asia, in China and Japan and South Korea to deal with the North Korean nuclear
SOP newswireStatement on Senate Vote on the U.S. - India Civil Nuclear Cooperation Initiative - We thank the Senate and appreciate its willingness to consider the legislation promptly, the strong support of the Senate leadership, as well as the time and attention of many members of the Senate
SOP newswireDemocratic leadership after U.S. elections opens vigorous policy debate - Washington -- A vigorous government debate over U.S. policy in Iraq is taking shape as the top U.S. commander in the Middle East and the State Department's Iraq coordinator testified before congressional committees a week after the Democratic Party
SOP newswireRoundtable With Traveling Press - I was wondering if you could expand a little on what you told us on the plane coming over regarding the additional preparation you think is necessary for the next round. What exactly
SOP newswireRemarks by the President at National Singapore University - THE PRESIDENT: Thank you very much. Good evening. Laura and I are really pleased to be back in Singapore. And I appreciate the chance to come and speak to you at this fine university. I thank the government and the people of Singapore for
SOP newswireIran, Syria Continue To Show Destabilizing Behavior, Rice Says - Washington -- The Bush administration is willing to talk to Syria and Iran under the right circumstances, but both countries continue to demonstrate behavior that is destabilizing to the Middle East, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice says.
George Curry (Former Featured Editor)The Death of Affirmative Action - The disappointing passage of Proposal 2 in Michigan, after similar Right-wing successes with Prop 209 in California and Initiative 200 in Washington State, coupled with other attacks, means that pro- affirmative action forces need to become more aggressive in defending and explaining affirmative action.
Rich James (Marketing)State of the Nation Right - Everyday I can see the dissatisfaction in all of my friends and co-workers. They consistently complain about the way things are in regards to where they work,
SOP newswireIran Should Pursue Peaceful Nuclear Path, U.S. Envoy Says - Washington -- Iran is pursuing two nuclear paths " "a uranium path and a plutonium path" " while the rest of the world wants it to follow a third route by developing peaceful nuclear
SOP newswirePresident Bush warns Iranian leaders about dangers of international isolation - Washington -- The administration is willing to have discussions with Iran on Iraq and other issues but any talks must be preceded by the verifiable suspension of Iran’s uranium
SOP newswireU.S. Rejects Security Council Resolution on Beit Hanoun Incident - Washington -- The United States “was compelled to vote against” a draft United Nations Security Council resolution condemning the November 8 Israeli artillery barrage that accidentally killed several Palestinian civilians
SOP newswire America Shows It's Strength in the Midterm Elections - President Bush said the American people’s freedom to choose their leaders is the source of the nation’s strength, and he warned America’s enemies not to confuse
SOP newswireCandidates Defeated in Midterm Elections Graciously Concede - Washington – Saying the owners of the government have spoken and I respect their decision, U.S. Senator George Allen, a Virginia Republican, formally conceded his race for re-election and largely ended the drama of the American midterm elections.
Stacey SmithMonogalia County Voters Speak Up - (West Virginia) - Recap of the voting turnout in Monongalia County, West Virginia
SOP newswireDefense Secretary Rumsfeld to be replaced by former CIA director - Washington -- Acknowledging Republican Party losses in U.S. midterm elections, President Bush expressed confidence that he will be able to find “common ground” with the confirmed Democratic majority in the U.S. House of
Virginia's sudden turnabout gives Democrats a chance - With no overwhelming contributions to boast, but experience abounding, Republican Virginian incumbent George Allen fell to moderate Democrat Jim Webb in
SOP newswireBreaking News Rumsfeld to step Down - Republican Leadership Says Rumsfeld to step Down
George Curry (Former Featured Editor)Ward Connerly: A Weapon of Mass Distortion - After Proposition 209, the anti-affirmative action ballot initiative passed in California, the number of African-Americans enrolled in public universities dropped to about half of its previous levels.
SOP newswireSaddam Hussein Verdict - Bush Statement - THE PRESIDENT: Today, Saddam Hussein was convicted and sentenced to death by the Iraqi High Tribunal for the massacres committed by his regime in the town of
SOP newswireU.S. Military Takes Major Steps To Facilitate Voting by Troops - Washington -- Just as it does with equipment and weaponry, the U.S. military is employing the latest technology to assist more than 1.4 million active-duty members of the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force and Coast Guard cast their ballots in the 2006 midterm elections.
SOP newswireArms embargo must be enforced, U. N. Ambassador Bolton says - United Nations -- The United States continues to be concerned that Syria and Iran are trying to destabilize Lebanon's government, U.S. Ambassador John Bolton says.
SOP newswireRumsfeld: Changes in Iraqi force levels reflect dynamic situation - BAGHDAD — A planned increase in the Iraqi Security Force is a result of ongoing assessments of the situation in Iraq and will allow the Coalition Force to shift to more of a supporting role in that country, Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld said Tuesday in Washington.
SOP newswireWhite House Calls for Support for Sovereign Lebanon - Support for a sovereign, democratic, and prosperous Lebanon is a key element of U.S. policy in the Middle East. We are therefore increasingly concerned by mounting evidence that the Syrian and Iranian governments, Hizballah, and
SOP newswireNew Tools Encourage Americans To Exercise Right to Vote - Washington -- Although not as dramatic as the presidential elections, which occur every four years, the U.S. midterm elections – so-called because they occur about halfway through the presidential term – are enormously important.
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