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UN: Let Olympic Flame Shine as a Beacon to Human Solidarity

This week the world will gather in PyeongChang, Republic of Korea, for the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, unified in what United Nations Secretary-General Guterres called the Olympic Spirit: in solidarity; mutual respect; and friendly competition.

Geoff DeanThe "Semi-Pro" Pro Bowl - Geoff wonders out loud, or at least, as loud as you can be on a computer, why the Pro Bowl is such a disaster, year after year
Geoff DeanGoodbye, Asashoryu! Sumo will never be the same (for better or worse) - Geoff says Shalom, Sayonara, and Hasta La Vista (you get the idea, right?) to Asashoryu, the sumo wrestler that the Japanese loved to hate
Robert Paul ReyesDiscrimination! CBS Rejects Gay Dating Ad For Super Bowl - CBS this week refused to air a Super Bowl ad made by a gay dating site.
Ernest DempseyImprove Your Tennis with Dr. Jay P. Granat's "Zone Tennis" - Dr. Jay P. Granat's short book "Zone Tennis" teaches tennis players how to improve their game by considering psychological factors.
Ron G AnselmThe New Orleans Saints Are in the Super Bowl - Bouya! Do you believe in miracles?! From the famous quote of Al Michaels on those many past Monday Night football games and now can still be heard in many Stadiums on the new
Geoff DeanThe Not Quite Perfect Super Bowl - Geoff tries to reopen the debate on the perfect season that every sports announcer seems so keen to close.
Chase Von (Editor/Mentor)Four Time World Champion Hollie (Hot Stuff) Dunaway Vs Undefeated Chantel (Gorgeous) Cordova 28 Jan 2010, Oklahoma City! - A very short time ago it seems I had the pleasure of interviewing Hollie (Hot Stuff) Dunaway. In fact, I thanked her for the honor of being able to interview a true Champion to start off the New Year which we are still barely into.
Robert Paul ReyesFans Make Fun Of Tiger Woods At Australian Open - Once-adoring golf fans gave Woods some grief at the Australian Open on Thursday by holding up signs that read, 'I've been with Tiger.'
Robert Paul ReyesUnflattering Tiger Woods Rehab Photo - Tiger Woods has finally been spotted, at a sex rehab center. The scandal-plagued Tiger isn`t sporting his million dollar smile or his trademark Nike attire. This
SOP newswire2Catching up with Robert "The Ghost" Guerrero - Only Team Of Monkeys offers training that never fails. "
Geoff DeanThe Four Super Bowls - Geoff delves (nice word, eh?) into the four potential Super Bowl matches and offers up some of that lame analysis you have come to expect.
Geoff DeanBaruto on a roll in New Year's Sumo Tournament - Geoff takes a look at Baruto, the Estonian sumo wrestler (he's hard to miss).
Geoff DeanNFL Sets Championship Game Match-ups - Geoff takes a lot at the NFL results of the last weekend and wonders if it was worth having a wild-card round.
Chase Von (Editor/Mentor)Chase Von and Female Boxer on the Rise! Stacey, (stayLo) Louise Reile! The Fighting Angel! - Chase Von: Hello Stacey and on behalf of the Student Operated Press and myself, thanks so much for taking the time out your busy schedule to do this interview. I know you have multiple plates spinning in the air between boxing, your work as a Massage Therapist, as a Physical Fitness trainer and just life in general as we all do, but in particular to your world, regarding a situation in your family.
Robert Paul ReyesElephant Replaces Wretched Tiger Woods - Accenture replaced disgraced golfer Tiger Woods with an elephant.
Robert Paul ReyesTiger Woods' Publicity Stunt: Donates $3 Million To Haiti - The Tiger Woods Foundation confirmed that the scandal-plagued athlete will be contributing to relief efforts in the Caribbean nation."
Robert Paul ReyesIs Playboy Tiger Woods In Sex-Rehab? - Forget the sex-rehab nonsense, the dirtbag golfer needs pride-rehab. Tiger needs to be grilled by a seasoned and tough reporter.
Geoff DeanMark McGwire's Steroid Admission: How to Respond? - Geoff considers how to take McGwire's steroid confession in an interview with Bob Costas。
Robert Paul ReyesGeneral Motors Smacks Down Tiger Woods - GM kicks Tiger Woods to the curb.
Robert Paul ReyesRoid Head Mark McGwire Admits Taking Steroids - Mark McGwire admits to taking steroids. Duh, it was obvious even to Stevie Wonder, that the slugger didn't develop his humongous arms by taking Flintstones vitamins.
Robert Paul ReyesGatorade Tiger Woods Hoax - Gatorade revealed on Monday that fake Gatorade labels featuring a picture of Tiger Woods and the word 'unfaithful' on them have been found on bottles in Colorado stores.
Geoff DeanTennessee Stuns Number One Ranked Kansas with "Volunteer Spirit" - Geoff marvels at the recent Tennessee upset of the previously undefeated and number one Kansas Jayhawks, taking a break from sumo and the NFL.
Geoff DeanThe NFL's "Wild" Wild Card Weekend - Geoff returns from his hibernation to show that watching a lot of football games from his couch has gained him no insight, only unwanted girth.
Chase Von (Editor/Mentor)Chase Von and Four Time Women`s Boxing Champion, Hollie (Hot Stuff) Dunaway! - Chase Von: Hey there Hollie, belated Happy New Year`s to you and on behalf of the Student Operated Press and myself, really appreciate you taking the time to share yourself with our readers! We`re starting a new year so I truly consider it an honor to start it off by interviewing a true Champion! So thanks so much again!
Robert Paul ReyesTiger Woods Needs To Embrace His African American Heritage - Tiger Woods created a public persona of a non-threatening sports icon who transcends race, but in his private life he played up to the stereotype of the black man as a sexual predator who preys on white woman.
Robert Paul ReyesEA Sports Won't Drop Tiger Woods - Video game giant Electronic Arts Sports is moving forward with plans to introduce a Tiger Woods online game, the company said Tuesday.
Robert Paul ReyesBrit Hume: Tiger Woods Needs Jesus Christ - Fox News journalist cum preacher Brit Hume advised the nominally Buddhist Tiger Woods to turn to Jesus. Hume always looks like he is sucking on a lemon -- I doubt that he can persuade anyone to convert to Christianity.
Robert Paul ReyesSponsors Abandoning Toxic Tiger Woods - AT&T Inc said it has terminated its sponsorship agreement with Tiger Woods, joining the list of companies that have distanced themselves from the golfer in the wake of a sex scandal.
Robert Paul ReyesTiger Woods Spotted Holding Hands With Rachel Uchitel - The scandal-rocked pro golfer (Tiger Woods) has been spotted in Palm Beach, Fla., with none other than alleged mistress No. 1, Rachel Uchitel.
Robert Paul ReyesTiger Woods: Biggest Joke In The World - Disney has joined in making jokes at the expense of Tiger Woods even as a new poll shows the embattled billionaire golf star's popularity sinking to levels usually reserved for politicians.
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