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Askin Ozcan (Mentor)

Prof.(Hon.) Architect Askin Ozcan has recently published  three of his books, in the U.S.A.

THE SECOND VENICE,( ISBN 1598000888)  is a humorous book about an imaginary  second Venice, built beside the real Venice,  after the Italian Government’s decision to limit the number of tourists to Venice, for its protection.

More details about the book can be obtained from:

SMALL MIRACLES (ISBN 1598001000)  is Mr Ozcan’s second book which came out in the U.S.A. also recently, which contains thirty true stories of small miracles from Mr Ozcan’s life.
More details can be obtained  from

Both books are candidates at The TORONTO CITY  2006 BOOK  CONTEST.

Both books have been published by OUTSKIRTS PRESS and can be purchased from ,,, as well as many other internet sites or can be ordered through your local bookstore by giving the ISBN number.

Askin Ozcan’s  third book LIGHTNING AND A BOUQUET OF ROSES  is  a poetry collection.  Published by  PUBLISH AMERICA (ISBN  1-4241-1187-0) Available from as well as from any of the above internet sites through bookstores.

Mr. Askin Ozcan has been one of the first students at M.E.T.U. (ODTU) Faculty of Architecture, published M.E.T.U’ s first student newspaper ARGOSY in 1960-61, later continued with his studies of  urbanisation and architecture at York University and University of Toronto. He lived in nine countries, working with a variety of occupations, ranging from architecture, to teaching, journalism, to tourism. In 1967-68, he worked as the reporter of The Travel Trade Gazette International, in Turkey. Later he was the Associate Secretary General of I.A.E.W.P. for ten years,   a UN allied non-government organisation active in peace and environmental education, in over 100 countries.

Now, Mr Ozcan devotes most of his time to writing. Next year,  also his short story collection will be published in the U.S:A, under the title  WISDOM IN  SMILE. He has also written  ARCHITECTURE AND EDUCATION : AN INTERFACE, comprising of articles on architecture and education, for which he is looking for a university press to publish.
Mr Ozcan, has been awarded the symbolic Count title by the German Prince Prof.Dr. Karl Heinrich Fromm Von Hohenstaufen und Derneck and has been appointed as one of the counsellors to the International St.Lukas Academy which is established in 1475 and has also been awarded an honorary doctorate and an honorary professor title by the same Academy.

He is also an honorary member at Ö.Albert Schweizer Gesellschaft, Academie  Europeene des arts and Minister Delegate and Senator of THE INTERNATIONAL PARLIAMENT FOR SAFETY AND PEACE (HQ: Italy, active in 135 countries. An intergovernmental  organisation.)

ABOUT   Prof(h.c.)  Architect   ASKIN  OZCAN

Born in Turkey 1940.  Currently residing in Sweden.

1957 – Graduation from P.S. du PONT  H.S., Wilmington, Del.  U.S.A.
Attended through an American Field Service International Scholarship

1957-58 - ISTANBUL UNIVERSITY (economics)

Was the editor and the publisher of the University’s newspaper ARGOSY in
summer 1959 – attended University of Oslo on a Norwegian Govt. scholarship
summer 1960- practice in architectural office of BBC- Mannheim, Germany

1961-62    Practice in architectural office in Copenhagen, Denmark
1962-64    Teacher-Officer, Turkish Army
summers 1963-64  courses and Certificate in TEFL (Istanbul Institute of Pedagogy)

1964-67     Various jobs in Istanbul, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway.

1967           Manager A.T.A. Tourism Ltd. London, England
1968           Reporter Travel Trade Gazette International (London)  in Turkey.
1969           Vice President, CTRC, Cambridge, Mass. USA
1970-71     YORK UNIVERSITY – Toronto, Canada,  Study in  Urbanisation (3 terms)
1971-74     UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO – School of architecture , B.Arch. (professional)
1974-76     Working as architect in Montreal with various architectural companies.
1976-1997   Teaching in Stockholm, Sweden, as state employed teacher for immigrant youth.
1988-2000   Also Associate Secretaray General for I.A.E.W.P. (Intern. Assoc. of Educators for World Peace) and  for two years their U.N. Delegate in Vienna and Geneva

1958 -   “ I lived one year like an American “   Picture article in HAYAT (Top Turkish weekly)

1960-61 Editor and Publisher of University newspaper ARGOSY at M.E.T.U. in Ankara

1968      Weekly articles on Turkish tourism in Travel Trade Gazette International  (UK)

1978      Article in Swedish Teachers’ magazine Lärar Tidningen  “How did I interest my students ?”
1979      Two articles in HOS (Pedagogical Journal) in Sweden
1990      Articles on Peace education in PEACE EDUCATION - INDIA

2004-2005    Over 80 articles in HURRIYET Daily, leading newspaper of Turkey.


THE SECOND VENICE  (humor) 2005   ISBN  1598000888 (Outskirts Press)

SMALL MIRACLES                      2005   ISBN  1598001000 (Outskirts Press)

LIGHTNING AND A BOUQUET OF ROSES  (poetry)  2006     ISBN 14241110
(Publish America)


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