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D. Marie Braggs

D. Marie resides in the Atlanta, Georgia metro area.  She is a native of  New England, specifically New Haven and Waterbury, Connecticut.  She is the mother of three adult children.  She is also a proud grandmother.  Although employed as a legal assistant, she has been interested in and drawn to writing as far back as she can remember.  Long before that and while, she sensed the Heavenly Father in her company. 

That magnificent presence has manifested in her life in different ways and at different times.  Coincidentally, her thoughts on such knowledge took her through diverse "learning tree" lessons and experiences.  One direction found her compiling her first published book of gospel poetry, Poetic Praises

Another found her working on an inspirational novel, Robins In A Peach Tree : (Please see description below}.

Robins In A Peach Tree is an inspirational love story with subliminal subplots centered on one particular family, the Robins family. After a preamble of childhood reflections and ancestral trailblazing, the story takes us through the main character`s development into adulthood. Her name is Laraine Knox. Laraine grows up in New England, marries Berchard Robins, becomes a career woman and mother of three children.

The Robins enjoy a happy, full life, that is, until the head of this household is killed in an auto accident. Subsequently, the main character moves from their suburban home in New England to a southern metropolis. As situations bloom, branch out and sometimes burst, the focus stays on the Robins` close-knit family, which includes other relatives and friends, and spotlights their faith in God as disparate tribulations are exposed.

 One of my many beliefs is that"we all have ups and downs, but with God, all things can be leveled."  {Original quote by D. Marie}


(i) A Cake Unturned is my first Poetic Disk ("PD") of original and thematic gospel compilations (12+/-) that complimentarily blend vocals, smooth instrumentals, the spoken word and The Word with "old-school" and classic R&B songs.   This inspirational compilation is a unique, lyrical explosion that is sure to tap the spirit. [Completed / Unpublished]

A Cake Unturned was inspired by the earth around me and the sky above me, which implicitly and consistently remind me of my many blessings. I am further reminded that there is a Heavenly Father who watches over me and mine and who loves me unconditionally. What more motivation than this would one need to embark on a contribution, however small, in acknowledgment of such wonderful favor!

(ii) Short Story,
Closet Secrets of Harmel Sage [Completed; Unpublished (36 pages, 8,700 words)]

(iii) Short Story,
Let It Rain (Sequel to Closet Secrets of Harmel Sage) [In Initial Stage]

Closet Secrets of Harmel Sage commences with an introduction to the Bodifils, an affluent family from southern New England. Their roots are in Harmel Sage, a community built substantially by the ingenuity, sweat and financing of an immediate or distant relative.

Harmel Sage is booming. Residents are whole and happy. Uniquely, they maintain noble values of prioritizing family matters over their professions, ventures and quests. Neighbors are genuinely friendly. They look out for one another and the children that play in adjacent, front and back yards. Nadelle Bodifil has lived here all her life. As the story progresses, Nadelle awakes from a coma after six months of sleep. She is disoriented and can only remember bits and pieces of her past and the strangers who visit. She recalls that her loving husband of thirty-five years has been murdered in front of her. Her sister, Preida, and other relatives, comfort her through the grueling transition she faces.

Atop her memory loss, Nadelle has to disentangle flashes in her mind. Some of the flashes are from her past. Others are premonitions of things to come. Still others are accompanied by voices of loved ones who made confessions and declarations they thought were safely stored away in a secret closet. That secret closet is Nadelle`s mind. While surely they prayed Nadelle would awake, the narrators partly believed the closet would never be unlocked. They have to wonder and worry whether she will remember what they told her.

Nadelle is not the only oppressed Bodifil. Preida has marital problems that escalate to her husband trying to kill her. Lois, their half-sister, comes to her rescue. Their three brothers, Nate, Badiah and Elliott, have secrets of their own, too.

The Bodifils bear and share sorrow. Faith in, and love for, God and family keep them grounded and graced. As an inspirationalist, I hope readers are encouraged by the Bodifils who demonstrate throughout this short story the importance of both immeasurables.

Let It Rain
continues familiarity with the Bodifil family of southern New England. In this story, we meet estranged siblings of Nathaniel, the patriarch of Closet Secrets of Harmel Sage.

All of the secrets in this saga are not of Harmel Sage, but find their way when the siblings reunite after decades.
Let It Rain reveals some of them and portrays differences in how the hopefuls deal with knowledge that their secrets have been, or might be, exposed.


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