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Daniel Marsche

Daniel Tegan Marsche was born in a small town in rural Pennsylvania.  By the age of three, he was reading and voraciously read everything he could get his hands on.  He also made his first singing performance with his Uncle Danny`s band at this time, and this ignited within him a passion for music and the arts that one would best describe as insatiable.  Raised on a small farm, he spent his free time singing, reading and writing " and performing at the behest of his doting aunts, Janet and Carol.   

By the age of seven, Daniel began writing and singing his own songs, and also earned the lead roles in his elementary school plays.  This ultimately led to his musical studies beginning with the flute and later the clarinet, saxophone and violin.  It was also during his elementary school years that he began working with Charlotte Randal, a puppeteer and television ministry host.  Under Charlotte`s direction " and along with his sister " Daniel began performing puppet show ministries in the local churches.   

In junior high, Daniel began to focus more diligently upon his writing and won a writing contest in the 7th grade, which led to a small write-up in the local paper.  At this same time, he and his childhood friends began writing and performing their own skits and comedy bits and recording them with a VHS camcorder.  According to Daniel, there was nothing too ridiculous or dramatic for them to approach.  "It was all good fun, but, you know, in a town where there`s little opportunity to fully cultivate your creativity, you have to create your own outlets.  So that`s what we did."  

And that`s exactly what Daniel did as he pursued his artistry in his adulthood.  From the Nite Spot Sunday Follies to writing and producing his first single, "Unity," in 1997, Daniel strove to create his own outlets and opportunities.  At the onset of 2001, Daniel began working on a sculpture of an Egyptian sarcophagus mask, and from this sculpture came the first glimpses into the world of "The Eunuch Neferu."   

"The scenes would unfold while I was working, and I would have to jot them down, and I did that until I had " literally " hundreds of bits of paper lying around my apartment.  And that`s a big mess in a tiny efficiency in Deerfield Beach, so I finally resolved that I had to put them together and call it a book." 

The first edition of "The Eunuch Neferu" was released in 2002 through iUniverse, which thereafter evolved and emerged in 2006 in its current third edition through Xlibris.   

In 2005, Daniel wrote and presented the "Golden Tales" writing workshops at assisted living facilities in St. Petersburg, Florida, and also wrote the six-part self-discovery series "Self in Script" that he performed at the Pinellas Park Middle School and the St. Vincent De Paul Homeless Rehabilitation Center.  In 2007, Daniel " along with Steven Davis and Time Warner Program Director, James Reed " produced, performed and filmed "Self in Script" in Jamestown, New York, hometown of Lucille Ball.   

"It was truly an honor to work in Lucy`s hometown.  There was something about the energy of it that just made all of the pieces fall into place.  It was really an awesome and defining experience." 

Read "The Eunuch Neferu" by Daniel Tegan Marsche, and watch the "Self in Script" series; each is a journey of intimate discovery and adventure.

Contact Information:

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