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Mark Freedman

Mark Freedman was born at a very early age. In a small town called Gainesville Florida. His father had passed away shortly before he was born during a motorcycle accident in Livingston NJ in 1982. After his father`s death, Mark`s mom and older sister moved to Gainesville Florida and on February 19th 1982, Mark was born. Mark was a crazy little baby, who suffered from severe colic at two months and also had a hernia at six months. We believe that is due to his excessive babbling. Not picking up heavy objects. When Mark was three, his mom remarried a man from southern Florida. Sadly Mark`s stepfather was physically abusive. Many times Mark would go to school with so many bruises that the school nurse had to take pictures to provide to the -child services dept.

      It was at age six that Mark began playing the piano. Most likely to channel hurt feelings or deal with the pain. He began getting in trouble constantly at school for talking too much (mainly for never raising his hand in class.) The piano, humor and sports seemed to be Mark`s only outlet to deal with the pain at home. Eventually at age fifteen, Marks mom, sister and three step siblings all moved to San Diego, California. It was at age fifteen that Mark really began having a hard time. He could not sit still. He was bouncing his way through high school and eventually tested out at age seventeen to go to college. Searching for the proper path for his life, Mark became a stand up comedian in Los Angeles at age eighteen. He preformed at the "Comedy Store", "Laugh Factory", and the world famous "Improv" with comics like; Drew Carey, Damon Wayans, Pauly Shore, and many more. Even though this was an amazing time in his life, and people were amazed at his talent as a comedic musician, he was just another young teen in the crowd in a world of successors. The comedy clubs loved him, but he was called "Green". Not quite ripe. Wired like a loose canon, and sadly he was. There was so much talent and no idea how to channel it all. From music, to comedy to writing, there was no focus or stability. At nineteen years old, shortly after spending three weeks in the Navy, Mark moved to New York City. In search of something great, Mark chased his dreams and passions there, but still lacked maturity and responsibility. Was he a late bloomer? Definitely. With a wild ride of ups and downs, Mark finally wound up in Montana of all places. On a short visit which was supposed to last two weeks, he never left. 2004-Present he remains, writing music and stories more than ever. He is a husband as well as a father to a beautiful little girl named Elizabeth Freedman. Stable and medicated, mark is working as a used car salesman. He has sold a record gross profit of nearly 1 million Dollars for Pete`s Auto sales in 2007, averaging fifteen cars a week. If he can sell 80,000 dollars worth of automobiles a week (considering the economy), then rest assured that he can sell his book. Mark could sell air.

      Mark is a nonstop captivating talker, seller and writer, not just in words but with his music. Presently he is composing a new album which markets all genres. He writes contemporary and classical, as well as motion picture theme music for relaxation. He puts his family first and anyone who meets him is amazed at his "type a" personality put into creativity, compassion and love. Although Mark still battles Bipolar disorder today, he is continually learning from his own experiences. Hoping to share them with anyone he finds along the way, whether by music or voice..., and there are plans to write many more books......

Contact Information:

Flying Your Cute Toddler Across America - Five in the morning is always a beautiful time to wash your face with warm water, change your daughters diaper.

My Daughter's Good Morning - It starts with the end of my dream. You know, the dream you have been having for 8 hours but is only 7 minutes long.

I'm "Froogal" - My wife told me tonight that we need to buy a new mattress. She`s so thoughtful. This mattress, which by the way is only twenty four years old, in my view is perfectly fine.

Mark Freedman's "I Burned Down a House" - When I was six-years-old my friend Bobby and I burnt down a house in High Springs Florida.

Mark Freedman's "The Hole in My Nose" - Some people dream of wealth, some people dream of happiness, I dream of a septum without a hole through it.......

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