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Mike Fuller


 " Mike Fuller was born on March 11, 1964 in Jackson, Mississippi. He was raised primarily in

the city of Jackson and surrounding area.

" He graduated Byram High school in 1982 without much emphasis on Literature; but was in an

Honors English class which emphasized eventual interest in writing. Much of his education or writing

development had been delayed by a turbulent household with a father who was an alcoholic.

" He completed an unusual manuscript, entitled Just A Little Madcap Ferocity, in 1985 but it

was never released. The writing style was more experimental and spontaneous with the characters

from the eclectic chapters uniting to end the story. Much of this manuscript was later lost. Part of if

was re-written in 2004 in a play format but was never released. This re-written part was a chapter

from the book entitled simply `the play`.

" He attended Hinds Community College in 1989-90 and while studying computer technology,

generated an interest in literature and writing.

He was named a President`s Scholar in 1989.

He was named a dean`s Scholar in 1990.

He was a member of the Gamma Lamda Chapter of the national scholastic

fraternity, Phi Theta Kappa.

" He completed a manuscript, entitled The Magnitude, in 1994 and it was later published by

Xlibris Corporation. This manuscript, unfortunately, had bad editing and composition, and was later

removed from availability because of these issues. It was a religiously based plot with demonic

corruption and a man attempting to legally sue God.

" He had completed another manuscript, entitled Propensity, in 1997 as a sequel to The

Magnitude, but it was never released. This manuscript followed the plot line from The Magnitude with

more surreal interaction with the spiritual world. He was a member of the Mississippi Artist`s Guild

1992 - 2005.

" He wrote and composed a few plays with religious themes and short stories during this period

but none were ever released for publication.

Play list "

" The Court of the Atonement (performed at some church locations; plot is

religious reconciliation)

" My Son (a man believing God will give him)

" One Man`s Sin; The Story of David and Bathsheba (adapted from contemporary


" A Contemporary Christmas Carol (modern adaption of Dickens` story; regularly

rewritten each year around December)

Short-story List "

" The Unconquerable (based on vague legend of Alexander the Great)

" An Occurrence Along The Freedom Ride (adaption from Civil Rights Southern

History in Mississippi; has been re-written regularly)

" The Siege of Atlanta (based on story from Civil War)

" The Lonesome Path (adaption from Civil Rights Southern History in Arkansas;

constantly revising)

" Morning Hunt (narrative of a solitary hunting trip)

" The Gettysburg Reunion (based from veteran reunion at Gettysburg; still


" He completed what may be considered his first book, The Bishop of Souls, in 2006, and it

was later released by Publish America. A book signing occurred on March 31st, 2007 at Barnes and

Noble in Jackson, MS. This was another spiritual book with a foster child receiving unusual visits from

a man behaving like Jesus Christ of Christian theology.

" He completed The Armageddon Reign late in 2008. It was later released in January of 2009

by Publish America. A book signing is scheduled to be at Barnes and Noble in Ridgeland, MS on

August 29th from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM. The story combines concepts of the Biblical Apocalypse with

science fiction and centers around a group of people trying to flee a hostile principality.

" He completed The First Principle of Murder in July of 2009 and is actively seeking and agent

and publisher for this manuscript. It is the story of three men who kill a man they think will discover

their crime of embezzlement, but they kill the wrong man.

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