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Nicholas Jacovino

A brief look into the background of Nick J. provides insight as to why he is a sought after motivational speaker about many topics related to change, business, fraud, criminal justice or organized crime. Indeed he was the son of Anthony J, member in New York`s Colombo crime family in the late sixty`s. It was when his Uncle Mike the Sheik and himself was sent to prison that he would to try to help win their freedom, choosing to follow the path that landed his Uncle in jail he began working to help The Colombo`s protest the treatment of Italian Americans, handing out fliers at a rally in Columbus Square and was standing nearby when Colombo was shot. For him this was the beginning in a life that took him from crime student to Mob enforcer, and ultimately made him the target of state, local, and federal organized crime task forces.

Becoming a sworn, made member at the age of 21 he avoided the traditional Mafia domains in favor of the enormously lucrative edges of the legitimate business world. The smart, sophisticated Jocko His ability to make money which according to the fed`s was more than anyone they have seen in a long time won his fame, respect and rock-star status among mob watchers, but the envy of others in that life.

The Protector of the Mafia

Jocko masterminded brilliant scams, from auto dealerships, selling new cars to union members, locals Figures Police upper echelon, & kickbacks, .His operations in gambling loan sharking and enforcer of the family crime became a target of Manhattan`s famed federal prosecutor who indicted Jocko on racketeering charges only to come up empty handed in court after promising him 40 years behind bars if convicted. More indictments would follow however and in a dramatic turn of events for the onetime Mob Enforcer Jocko decided to plead guilty to yet another racketeering indictment and accept a 4 year prison sentence and then vowed to do the unthinkable-quit the mob and not enter any protection program and not testify against his mob brothers. The Enforcer abdicated his throne. It`s why he left that makes this story even more incredible.
While in Prison someone gave him a bible.

And that started his journey. A journey that would lead him to All the good and love that was waiting for him.

Enter A Beautiful Woman " Lorraine

Jocko who earned hundreds of thousands a week at his apex and used his wits and charm to keep the likes of the upper echelon from encroaching on his operations. He escaped 3 major indictments and seemed invincible. That was before he met Lorraine.

Among many things he was doing, he made moves his last Cost him and he went to Las Vegas That was the beginning of the end " and the beginning of the unthinkable.

Jocko met Lorraine, a beautiful Divorced Mother of two Children " he saw her getting out of the swimming pool and asked to be introduced. Lorraine knew nothing other than he was Good looking guy .He fell in love with her, pursued her and eventually they married.. How she convinced him to take the rap on a racketeering charge and how he managed to become the only ranking official of the Mafia to ever quit the mob, refuse government protection and live to tell about it makes Nick a truly motivational, inspiring, and fascinating speaker.

Escape From Hell looks at that story from 30 years of changed life, providing insight only time allows. It captures Jocko`s life from beginning through today offering a powerful look at the why and how he left his past and how he is still alive today.

Nick candidly describes for audiences how he survived many of grand jury appearances 3 major racketeering indictments 3 criminal trials 4 years in prison and a Mafia death sentence. He tells how he engaged bankers union officials and professional and student athletes in a wide variety of financial scams. His open and honest presentations are fresh and unique. Audiences are captivated by stories of his personal experiences in organized crime and genuinely affected by his powerful anti-crime messages and eye opening revelations.

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