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Djelloul (Del) Marbrook (Editor/Mentor)

Government Wants You to Think its Records Are Private--They're Not - There is a simple way for Occupy Wall Street to challenge government at every level to be responsive to the public. Examine the records.

The TV Show Shameless Shows Us Why Wolves are So Effective - A television show that never mentions wolves is the best example of how this social animal operates. 'Shameless' is a show about a beleagured family's tribal bonding against The Man, and The Man loses every time, simply because the Shameless wolf pack is so effective.

Help, Send More Money, We're Drowning In It! - These politicians sending us e-mails asking for another contribution: who do they think they're kidding? They've already been bought and paid for by money most of us can only dream about.

Feeding The War Machine: Do The Corporados Want Another War? - As we withdraw from our Iraq misadventure after nine years, prize-winning poet Djelloul Marbrook, who has studied the Arab World for more than 50 years, reviews our "accomplishments."

America Has Become So Politicized Nothing Gets Done - How can there be enough time to make policy, to govern and to negotiate the compromises needed to govern when politics 24/7 is driving America around the bend?

Ten Final Poems of Hungarian Holocaust Victim Reveal Undying Yearning to Comprehend - In Abda, Hungary, a mass grave was exhumed in 1946 and the corpse of Hungarian poet, Miklos Radnoti, was found. In his raincoat pocket was a notebook containing his final ten poems.

Who is the New York Press Kidding? It ignored the Protesters' First Amendment Rights - The New York City press and Mayor Michael Bloomberg have been treating us to an elaborate charade. It goes like this: the press complains that the cops have prevented it from covering Occupy Wall Street and the mayor claims that's not true. What a farce!

One Word Describes American Society Today: Incest - The incestuous relationship between America's richest one percent and their political lackeys and lobbyists is sickening American society, and yet the press pretends that everything will be just hunky-dory when housing starts pick up.

The Internet Lets Us Challenge Book Publishing Dogma - Does the best-seller list reflect the best books? Are all the books that deserve to be published being published? Who decides what books deserve to be published?

By Scapegoating Federal Income Tax Republicans Pull Off Big Scam - One of the hoariest political scams in America is the right-wing campaign to scapegoat the federal income tax while property taxes have soared in rural America where Republicans hold sway.

The Internet is The Real Story Behind Occupy Wall Street, and It's Endangered - Police across the nation are moving against the First Amendment, proving themselves the servants of a so-called free press that isn't free at all.

The News Business is Changing Too Fast for The Mainstream to Keep Pace - Djelloul Marbrook, a prize-winning poet and professional newspaper editor, says the term "mainstream media" has become tricky.

The Myth of a Free Press is Worth Its Weight in Gold to Corporate America - When The New York Times diligently reported on October 13th that the publisher of the European edition of its competitor, The Wall Street Journal, had stepped down because the traditional barrier between newsroom and business office

Press Lays Down a Banker's Fog Over The Occupy Wall Street Protests - Prize-winning poet and journalist Djelloul Marbrook looks at the Occupy Boston arrests.

Territorialism and Bullying on The Web - Why should cyberspace be different from the earthly environment we`ve desecrated? Did I expect a giant stride in our emotional intelligence?

Are We Going to Keep on Buying Ayn Rand's Anti-Christian Scam? - A new television series, 'A Gifted Man,' raises the very same issue being raised by the Wall Street and other protesters "what do the rich and privileged owe the society that has enabled them to acquire and keep wealth and influence?

Is Poetry as Poorly Appreciated as Popularly Thought? - To make his point that there is some exciting poetry out there a New York Times reporter resorts to a shibboleth about dusty and doze-inducing poetry.

Will The Church Finally Acknowledge That Luke Meant What He Said About The Rich? - Will the church finally speak out against the injustices of a piratical capitalism that day by day widens the chasm between the rich few and the poor masses?

Politicization of American Culture Takes a Toll on Our Creativity - The 24/7 politicizing of American life has taken a terrible toll on our hybrid vigor, our ability to utilize our diversity, our differences, to become stronger and more creative.

Is Today's News Unreliable? No, There's Just a Lot More of It - Prize-winning poet and journalist Djelloul Marbrook examines the claim that Internet news is less reliable than the newspapers it is supplanting and finds the claim bogus.


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