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Djelloul (Del) Marbrook (Editor/Mentor)

How Many More Arab Countries Will We Interfere In? - And now Syria is killing its own people as the Arab Spring spreads into that bastion of despots. Will we establish a no-fly zone there, too, or will Syria's lack of oil save it from our intervention?

Enough With The Politics, How About American Culture? - Most local American newspapers are shams. In their obsession with politics they fail to reflect our culture. To them the arts, humanities and sciences are feature stories, slight respites from the political torrent.

Prize-Winning Poet: 'I make poems because it makes me happy' - All my beliefs, even my hunches, about why I make poems have turned out to be baloney. They're just things I told myself because they sounded good, they sounded plausible, they sounded like what other people might want to hear. But the truth is I make poems because it makes me happy, and everything else is so much la-di-da.

Rep. Peter T. King: An Example of The Permanent Political Class We Should Get Rid Of - We have become the Disunited States of America thanks to a permanent political class and a servile press that prefers to agitate instead of seeking consensus, polarize instead of examine, posture instead of serving.

Poetry is About Breath and Movement, Says Nicholson Baker In 'The Anthologist' - Nicholson Baker's 'The Anthologist' should be required reading in literature courses because in this novel, which is something of an extended meditation about the nature of poetry

Starving Education Will Turn The U.S. Into a Third-World Country - Over half the U.S. budget is spent on the capacity to kill everyone in the world many times over. What are we thinking? Are we thinking?

Deficit Hawk Rep. Peter King Starts a Muslim-Baiting Witch Hunt - Rep. Peter King of New York, a deficit hawk, plans to spend a boodle of taxpayer money on a bogus inquiry into the radicalization of American Muslims.

Are Americans Too Smug and Self-Righteous to Care What Foreigners Think? - We have a State Department and and an intelligence service, but there isn't much evidence Americans care what foreigners think (unless it affects our oil prices, of course).

Would Capitalism Work Better If We Screwed The Poor Even More? - Most of the big chain booksellers are kitsch barns decorated with books. If they ever had any sense of responsibility to empower the country's many small poetry presses they're not showing it now.

The Two Faces of Arab Culture Revealed in The Current Unrest - The revolts sweeping North Africa and the Middle East are imbued with a kind of Bedouin spirit, an irreverence toward central authority and invisible government.

The Media Neglect The Biggest Story of All: Bees Dying, Famine Looming - The worldwide collapse of honey bee colonies threatens famine and yet the press pays it scant attention, treating it as an exotic feature story.

Minorities Need to Band Together to Fight Right-Wing Racism - The so-called immigration debate isn't about immigration at all, it's about nativism. The right wing of the Republican Party has been wrapping raw racism in misleading packages ever since the Southern Strategy of the 1960s.

Books Often Look Better Than They Are, Says Poet...So He Reads Them Backwards - I often read from back to front and bottom to top, says prize-winning poet Djelloul Marbrook. It's rooted in his childhood in a boarding school where he witnessed the cover-up of many abuses.

How Can We Debate Gun Control and Ignore The Causes of Violence? - Filmmakers, including the pornographers, bathe us in violence and yet we persist in debating gun control as if violent imagery had nothing to do with it

California, Nevada, Florida devastated by over-building, unemployment, foreclosures - The Associated Press offers its members an index of stressed counties "counties where over-building, job losses and foreclosures have devastated the economy. Flagler County, Fla., is the only county east of the Rockies on the top 20 most-stressed list

The Literary Playing Field is Being Leveled By The Internet: Just Like Politics - It's time to move the debate about e-books and print-on-demand from considerations of technology to a discourse about the nature of literary tastemaking in our culture.

The Trade Secrets of The Great Poets of Our Time Revealed in a Fascinating Book - If you would like to see how a poem is made, read this book. Prompted by the late Pearl London of the New School, twenty-three poets take part in an anatomical inquiry into their own work.

Look Carefully and You Will See Arab Influence Throughout Western History and Culture - Our view of the Arabs is historically skewed. While we see Israel as admirably like us, we see the Arabs as deplorably unlike us.

Why Should Our Art and Literature Be Rooted in Adversarialism? - Prize-winning poet Djelloul Marbrook invites others to address these questions in this provocative esssay.

Citizens Must Pick Up The Ball The Press Has Dropped and Here's How to Do It - Here is the perfect handbook for finding out where your local tax dollars go. Arm yourselves with Lynndee Kemmet's "Follow The Money" or you'll have no excuse for complaining the next time your taxes go up.


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