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Djelloul (Del) Marbrook (Editor/Mentor)

From Chaos to Michael Jackson, These Essays Put America Under a Microscope - In "Trial By Ink," a collection of astute essays, Yahia Labadidi examines American life, particularly U.S. pop culture, with microscopic intensity.

We Need to Stop Listening to Politicians and Start Following The Money Trail - Television is so invested in looking good and acting smart that it disdains the most powerful tool in journalism ignorance.

Let's Broaden The Gun Rights Debate Into a Debate About Violence - Why is the gun rights debate limited like a redacted intelligence document? Why is our discourse limited to the right to bear arms and under what circumstances?

Americans Have The Grit, But The Media Don't Have The Guts - Americans have the grit--talk to a struggling wage-earner--but the media don't have the guts to tell it like it. The way Hollywood tells it we could be living in the 1950s.

Baudelaire and Sherman Might Have Been Doppelgangers Bound in Horror and Grief - When I look at photographs of Charles Baudelaire, the great French poet, and William T. Sherman, the Civil War general, I see a common bond between these two contemporaries: the bond of grief.

Publishers Say They're Publishing The Best, But They're Really Looking for Celebrities - Publishers may like us to think they are publishing the best writing they can find, but the truth is that they increasingly publish the work of already famous people to capitalize on their fame.

Making Washington a Scapegoat for The Cost of Government is a Scam - Politicians who, with the complicity of the media, blame the federal government for high taxes take attention away from local corruption that drives up the cost of government and imposes unfair property taxes.

Editing Means Listening as well as Reading: How to Be a Good Editor - There is nothing like reading something you have written aloud for finding and its infelicities. An article, maybe just a headline, may be perfectly

When Will The Politicians Stop Bickering and Fix This Country - The press has no intention of informing you and the politicians have no intention of improving our common lot. They've got theirs and to hell with the rest of us.

Can You Tell The Difference Between The Real Story and the Cover Story? - Once you think you"ve got the story, think again. Always think again. First, because you may have the story your sources want you to have. Second,

A Country Obsessed By Contests and Being Right Self-Destructs - The American habit of turning everything into a contest, the habit of insisting on being right, is petrifying American culture. No wonder our schools are failing.

Hollywood and Madison Avenue Imagery Widens The Chasm Between Rich and Poor - The persistent image in our filmmaking and advertising is of Americans of white Anglo-Saxon origin, and it encourages an increasingly unjust society emerging since the Korean War.

Joseph Zeppetello Writes a Disturbing Novel About America in Decline - Who says fiction isn't taking on the big issues? In his debut novel Joseph Zeppetello savages publishing, academia and television news

Here are Some Good Reasons Why The Nation Should Watch New York State's Tax Cap Controversy - Governor Andrew Cuomo's proposal to cap New York State property taxes at two percent is a national issue because it calls the bluff of all those politicians of every stripe who blame Washington for high taxes while having done nothing at home to control crippling local and state taxes.

Osama Bin Laden is a Godsend to The People Who are Shipping Your Future to China - Osama bin Laden, far from being a war lord and religious reformer, is a creepy suck-up to the ruling elite, a slave of War Inc.

The Self-Satirizing TV Drug Ad Symbolizes American Culture - The shiny pharmaceutical advertisement, perfect in its deceptiveness, exemplifies American culture, particularly politics.

Waiting for a Blizzard, Prize-Winning Poet Prays for Invisibility - Would it help to contemplate the scientist-poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe`s idea that color represents the suffering of light?

The Conjunction of The Internet and Print on Demand is Revolutionizing Publishing - Small presses like Seb Doubinsky's Les Editions du Zaporogue are changing the publishing scene and challenging our assumptions about publishing "assumptions that have been foisted on us by the corporate media.

A Free Education is Already Available, But Do Our Ruling Elites Really Want It? - Osama bin Laden, hailed as the world's greatest menace by authorities intent on shutting down the civil liberties of their citizens in the name of security, is a stupid pipsqueak compared to Nicholas Negroponte.

Critic Says Poems About Paintings and Painters Ought to Be Shown in Museums - "I write to live," says prize-winning poet Djelloul Marbrook, "not to make a living." At least three critics have written laudatory reviews about his second book of poems, 'Brushstrokes and Glances,' to be released by Deerbrook Editions on December 20.


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