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Robert Paul Reyes

Burglary Suspect Busted After Returning to Scene of Crime for Lunch - A man was arrested on suspicion of burglary after he returned to a fast-food chicken restaurant for lunch only hours after he had burglarized it.

Waitress in China Eats Cockroach in Front of Diners After Complaint - Finding a hair in your soup is cause for mild consternation, but finding a cockroach in your salad is grounds for a lawsuit.

Oreo Cookies That Taste Like Fried Chicken! Real or Rumor? Video! - Unfortunately, Fried Chicken Oreos aren`t available anywhere, not even in grocery stores in the hood.

Lady Drops Her Pants at Dick's Drive-In - A Seattle woman was arrested and booked into King County Jail for assault and harassment after she dropped her pants and made a scene at a Dick`s Drive-In.

Obama Devotes a Minute to Downing of Malaysian Airliner! Obama a Disgrace! - President Barack Obama provoked fury in the U.S. on Thursday by casually devoting less than a minute to the deaths of 295 people aboard a Malaysian airliner, as he began an often jokey 16-minute speech about the need to expand America`s transportation infrastructure.

Bethenny Frankel Poses in Oversized Clothes in Response to Criticism for Wearing Daughter's Pajamas - Celebs are evil!

Video of an Inebriated Charlie Sheen at Taco Bell Goes Viral! - A video of warlock and thespian Charlie Sheen chatting up fans at a Taco Bell drive-thru has gone vital. This must have been Charlie`s last stop of the night, after a bar crawling marathon.

Grumpy Cat's 'Cat Summer' Purrfect Summertime Hit! - Grumpy Cat also has a new single out, " Cat Summer" starring not only the most famous kitty in the work, but her fellow Internet superstars: Hamilton the Hipster Cat, Nala Cat, and Oskar the Blind Cat.

Imbecile Spent $30,000 to Look Like Kim Kardashian: Video - Leeson has spent $30,000 on cosmetic surgeries to look like her idol Kim Kardashian, and she hasn`t even had her butt enhanced yet. She will need at least $10,000 worth of fat injected into her rear end to resemble Kardashian.

Outrage: Company Limits Bathroom Breaks to 6 Minutes a Day - Spend more than 6 minutes a day in the bathroom at Chicago`s WaterSaver Faucet company and you`ll face disciplinary measures.

Man Charged With 'Threatening' For Carving Watermelon In 'Passive-Aggressive' Manner - Has the world gone insane?

Angela Green's Duck-Face Mug Shot! Horrifying! Gone Viral! - The Wickliffe Police Department posted Green`s mugshot on its Facebook page and it quickly went viral.

Lindsay Lohan May Move to London 'For Good'! God, Let's Hope So! - LiLo has taken a few detours to rehab, but don`t be deceived by her claims of sobriety, she`s still a drug-taking, alcohol-abusing, drama-loving narcissistic spawn of Satan.

NASA: We Will Discover Intelligent Extraterrestrial Life in Next 20 Years! - I believe that in the near future intelligent extraterrestrial life will be discovered, the earth-shaking announcement won`t be made by a MUFON investigator or a hillbilly wearing a tin-foil hat, but by a NASA scientist.

Bloody Brawl Ruins Paris Hilton's Malibu Pool Bash! - Oh, the lifestyles of the ditzy and dissolute...

Woman Steals Granny Panties from Dollar General, Flees in Ice Cream Truck! - When you`re arrested for stealing panties from a Dollar General store, you have officially hit rock bottom.

'Real Housewife of New York' Bethenny Frankel Wears 4-Year-Old Daughter's Pajamas! The Horror, The Horror! - Kill me, for God's sake just kill me!

Two Losers Busted for Smoking Heroin Inside Chuck E. Cheese Restroom - If these two losers want to play Russian roulette by smoking heroin they should do their dirty deed in a gas station bathroom, an alley or inside a dumpster.

Trekkie Spends $500,000 to Remodel his Basement into Enterprise Bridge: Video - A Star Trek fan in Long Island is garnering attention from around the globe after spending $500,000 to turn the basement of his family`s home into a replica of the Enterprise bridge.

Dude Videotapes UFO at So Percussion Concert: Video! Far Out! - If you are at a concert where Ecstasy is passed around like candy, and there`s a marijuana cloud hovering over the crowd, that smelly dude standing next to you isn`t a Chupacabra, so please don`t bother the 911 operator.


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