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Robert Paul Reyes

Donald Trump Will Win: Most Voters Prefer an A-Hole Over a Witch - You don't have to be a rocket scientist or a political analyst to deduce that Donald Trump isn't qualified to be president.

Hot Mess Paula White is Donald Trump's Liaison to Evangelical Community - Evangelist Paula White, 59, is a hot bitch. Normally, when assessing spiritual leaders, be they male or female, their physical assets don`t come to mind, but White who has a penchant for wearing form-fitting dresses doesn`t exude a spiritual vibe.

Male Model Likes to Work Out With His Cat - In the endless quest to make working out fun, one man believes he`s found the answer: working out with a cat.

What Would Donald Trump Look Like Without His Wig and Orange Makeup? - Long after this election is over, even if Trump loses, his mug will torment us in our nightmares. The wispy hair, the orange complexion, the sphincter-like mouth -- the horror, the horror!

100 Naked Women Welcome Donald Trump to Republican National Convention - I`m sure if Trump had been there to witness this performance art he would have had lots to say, and none of it would have been claptrap about these women becoming the future, and the future becoming the woman.

Adorable Marmot Fight: Video - Now for something entirely different here`s a face-off between two adorable pugilists, the cute combatants don`t seem to be inflicting much harm on each other.

The Donald Trump Mike Pence Logo - The letter T which could stand for "Trump" or "Top" is penetrating the letter P which could stand for "Pence" or "Puss*." We all know who the top is in this relationship, and if Trump becomes president it won't be just Pence who will be screwed, the entire nation will get a royal screwing.

Stop the Presses! Scott Baio to Speak at Republican National Convention - Scott Baio is the poster boy for irrelevance, which makes him the perfect speaker for the Republican Convention which will nominate the political lightweight Donald Trump.

Flashmob of Nuns Dances Up a Storm on the Beach! Must See Video! - A flashmob of Polish nuns performed a choreographed dance routine on a beach to promote the Catholic Church's upcoming World Youth Day.

Goofy Dog Tries to Eat Air: Video - Enjoy this video of a silly dog trying to eat air!

Cat Scared of Huge Fighting Rats - This young cat was not brave enough to catch a rat - let alone the two that were scrapping in front of her.

The West is at War With Islam! Time to Wipe Out the Threat Once and For All! - Newt Gingrich said Thursday night in the aftermath of the deadly terror attack in France that the US should issue a religious test to Muslims in the country and deport those who are found to believe in Sharia Law.

Bernie Sanders Mentions Hillary ZERO Times During 23 Minute Speech - Sanders gave a speech to the League of United Latin American Citizens in Washington, DC one day after his appearance with Clinton, and he mentioned her a total of zero times.

Donkey Smokes Giant Cigarette - In this video from China a donkey was filmed smoking a giant cigarette being help up to its nostrils by its owner.

Dude Mistakes Bird for Flying Saucer - Moral of this story: If you see something, say something! Unless you are a UFO true believers who mistakes swamp gas, Chinese lanterns and damn birds for flying saucers.

Slipknot Singer Slaps Phone Out of Inattentive Fan's Hands - Heavy metal band Slipknot shared a video clip from a recent concert showing frontman Corey Taylor slapping a cellphone from the hands of an inattentive fan.

Woman Crashes Car into House While Praying With Eyes Closed - Authorities in Florida said a woman who crashed into a house after blowing through a stop sign told investigators she had been praying with her eyes closed.

Victoria Beckham Faces Criticism for Kissing Daughter on Lips - Former Spice Girls singer Victoria Beckham is facing backlash for kissing her daughter on the lips.

Jennifer Lopez, All Lives Matter, & Why This Hispanic Is Against #BlackLivesMatter - Where are the blacks when the issue is immigration, or any other issue that impacts the lives of the Hispanic community? Attend any pro-comprehensive immigration demonstration, and you will see multitudes of Latinos and Caucasians, but almost no blacks.

Viral Video: Monkey Grooms Cat - Snickers the cat doesn't look like she's in total heaven as Bugs the monkey sifts through her hair eating fleas, the poor kitty looks likes she's barely tolerating the unwanted attention.


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