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Robert Paul Reyes

The Horror! The Horror: 100 Robots Perform Synchronized Dance Routine - This video is not for the weak of heart, if you must watch it don Depends diapers, and have your Life Alert button at the ready!

Pee Wee Herman is Back with New Feature Film 'Big Holiday' for Netflix! Video! - Pee Wee Herman is the greatest comedic actor in history!

Can Clint Eastwood Survive 'American Sniper' Fake Baby Scandal? - Regardless of your opinion of Clint Eastwood or Chris Kyle, I urge everyone to boycott American Sniper ", Warner Brothers has insulted our intelligence by releasing a movie co-starring a plastic doll!

Viral Video: Seal Snuggles With Dog - A golden Labrador and a seal share some quality time on a beach in France.

Alan Thicke: Bill Cosby Must Have Been a Bad Boy! Ya Think? - TV dads like Alan Thicke and Bill Cosby are scum of the Earth.

Bruce Jenner: Man Up & Come Out of the Closet as a Transgender Woman! Video! - The former Olympian needs to grow some balls, and come out of the closet as a transgender woman.

'In Dog We Trust'! Video! - The Pinellas County Sheriff`s Department has been the subject of some humor this week, since a rug they ordered was misprinted with the phrase, "In dog we trust` rather than the intended, "In God we trust.`

Miss Israel and Miss Lebanon Appear in a Selfie Sparking Another Regional War? - A beauty pageant is inconsequential fluff, and this unholy drama should be resolved by having the two hotties engage in a mud wrestling match, with all the proceeds going to support world peace.

Betty White Gets a Flash Mob for Her 93rd Birthday: Video - Betty White got quite the work party for her 93rd birthday: a hula-themed flash mob.

White Folks Just Can't Let Go Of 'Safe Black Celeb' Bill Cosby - It`s time for all good people (black, white, brown, yellow) to condemn Bill Cosby; he`s a reproach and an affront to the values that we all hold dear.

Rapper Yung Jake Creates Emoji Portraits - A baby produces less crap, and spits better rhymes than Yung Jake, in my humble opinion he should quit the rap game and devote all of this time and resources to creating emoji portraits.

Watch Pudgy Cop Sing Along to 'Shake It Off' by Taylor Swift - A video posted online by the Dover Police Department in Delaware shows Officer Jeff Davis singing along to "Shake It Off` by Taylor Swift.

Sunbathing Seal Blocks Traffic in Australia - Authorities on the Australian island of Tasmania said highway traffic came to a standstill when a wandering seal picked the road as his sunbathing spot.

Masha the Hero Cat Saves Abandoned Russian Baby: Video - A Russian stray cat is being hailed as a hero for using her warm snuggles to save the life of a baby abandoned in a cardboard box near Moscow.

Police Chief Caught on Tape Suggesting K-9 Officer Be Killed! Fire Chief Harold Kaufman! - Fire Cruel dog-hating Chief immediately!

Cat Rescued From Jeep Engine, Loses Leg and Tail - There are many miracle cats available for adoption at your local animal shelter, adopt a bundle of joy today!

Watch QVC Hosts Debate Whether the Moon is a Star or Planet - My mind has been blown, now I don`t know if the moon is a moon, a planet, a star or a big pizza pie.

UFO Watchers Claim NASA Cut Live Stream After Alien Sighting: Video - UFO watchers complain NASA has been cutting its live feed of the International Space Station just when it keeps getting good "meaning as soon as a strange object appears.

Gwyneth Paltrow Raps 'Straight Outta Compton'! You Go Girl! Video! - I think I`m in love with Gwyneth ...

Outrage: Naya Rivera Says Showering Every Day is a 'White People Thing'! Video! - Taking a shower every day isn`t a white people thing, it`s a civilized people thing!


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