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Robert Paul Reyes

South Park Episode Is Altered After Threats From Muslim Group - Describing Islam as the "religion of peace" makes as much sense as labeling neo-Nazi groups as movements of "inclusivity and tolerance."

More Drama From Lindsay Lohan And Samantha Ronson - Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson are a combustible mix, and if they had a lick of sense they would stop seeing each other.

Snoop Dogg: Gangsta Guru Is A Transcendent Figure - The High Holy Priest of the religion of weed is Snoop Dogg, the Doggfather has the same beatific smile you see on the visages of the saints of the Roman Catholic Church.

Mission Impossible: Snoop Dogg Gonna Teach David Beckham How To Rap - Snoop Dogg has said he wants to teach his friend David Beckham to rap.

Born Again Carrie Prejean Sued By Christian PR Firm - Carrie Prejean's troubles are bubbling up again, as a 'Christian-focused' PR firm the former Miss California hired to help her project a 'Biblically correct' image is suing her for $64,857 in unpaid bills.

The Glee Madonna Album Tops The iTunes Album Chart - The gay-friendly Glee and Madonna with her legion of gay fans are a natural fit.

Guy Driving A Barbie Toy Car Arrested For DUI - A British man banned from driving for four years for drunkenly driving a battery-powered Barbie toy car admitted he had acted like a twit.

Larry King Divorce A Publicity Stunt? - Larry King is apparently having second thoughts about his eighth divorce.

Oprah Winfrey Spitting Mad! Diva Refuses To Take DNA Paternity Test - Oprah Winfrey yesterday got spitting mad when asked if she would undergo DNA testing to learn the identity of her biological father.

Michael Douglas Pleads With Judge To Show Leniency Towards His Son - Michael Douglas pleaded with a judge to show mercy on his drug-dealing son, writing that he knows the burden of having a Hollywood legend as a father.

Kim Kardashian's Rough Treatment Of Kitty Sparks Outrage - In the photo posted Monday, Kardashian is clad in a low-cut black ensemble and leather gloves as she holds a black kitten up by the hair on its neck.

Mayor Compares Himself To Jesus Christ And Opponent To Adolph Hitler - North Shore Mayor Andrew Williams is facing fresh criticism after comparing himself to Jesus on the cross.

Jennifer Love Hewitt's Vagina Gets A Makeover - Jennifer Love Hewitt recently decorated her nether regions with Swarovski crystals, turning her naughty bits into -- her words -- a 'pink disco ball.'

Horror: Quack Dentist Operated Out Of An Auto Garage! - A Southwest Side man is facing misdemeanor charges after police discovered his unlicensed dentistry operation in the back of a Brighton Park auto garage.

Lady Gaga To Perform On American Idol May 5th - Lady Gaga will appear on American Idol on May 5th, the pop singer tweeted on Friday.

Madonna Goes Kabbalah Krazy - THE News of the World has discovered how pop queen Madonna manages to radiate spirituality - by filling her central heating system with Kabbalah water.

Dying Man, 84, To Oprah Winfrey: Admit I'm Your Daddy - An ailing, 84-year-old World War II veteran is making a desperate plea to Oprah Winfrey: Please admit I'm your father!

It's Legal To Give A Cop The Finger - There is no doubt about it - people can legally give police officers the finger and tell them ''

Pasta Bible Cookbook Recipe Calls For "Salt & Freshly Ground Black People" - It's a tiny misprint, but an Australian publisher has had to pulp a cookbook after one recipe called for 'salt and freshly ground black people' to be added to the dish.

Amy Winehouse Latest Celeb To Get The Fish Lips Look - Amy Winehouse's father has dismissed rumours the British singer pumped up her pout with cosmetic surgery when she was admitted to hospital earlier this month.


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