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Robert Paul Reyes

Toilet Paper Bandit Nabbed By Cops - Lincoln police say they arrested a man that had his face covered with toilet paper and robbed a convenience store.

Betty White Shines As Host Of Saturday Night Live - On Saturday, after more than 70 years in show business, Betty White finally got her shot at hosting "Saturday Night Live.

Amy Winehouse Blake Civil-Fielder Wedding Canceled - AMY Winehouse's second wedding to Blake Fielder-Civil has been canceled.

Man In Burning Pickup Drives To Fire Station - What's the best place to go when smoke starts to billow out from under the hood of your pickup truck?

Drunk Dude Heckles Tiger Woods, Gets Tasered By Cops - A drunken golf fan got the shock of his life Friday when cops Tasered him after he refused to stop heckling Tiger Woods on the 11th hole of The Players Championship.

The Lord Jesus Christ Run Over By Car - A man struck at a pedestrian crosswalk earlier this week turned out not to be any ordinary man, but 'Lord Jesus Christ.'

Miami Airport Screener Attacks Colleague After Jeers About Size Of His Manhood - A Miami airport screener, agitated at continued ribbing after colleagues saw his body parts in an imaging scanner, attacked a colleague, police said.

Homophobic Preacher, George Alan Rekers, In Homosexual Scandal - George Alan Rekers, the co-founder of the Family Research Council has admitted hiring a gay man as a travel assistant for a trip to Europe.

Top Five Ways To Improve American Idol - American Idol may be the most popular show on TV, but its ratings continue their downwards spiral.

Holy Cow! It Takes Lady 950 Times To Pass Driving Test - A South Korean woman has finally succeeded in passing her driving test on her 960th attempt.

Lee DeWyze Next American Idol? - Lee DeWyze is comfortable with any genre, if the theme for next week is Albanian country disco fusion, he would still deliver a knockout performance. Lee will probably be our next American Idol.

Perfect Casting: Pop Tart Lindsay Lohan To Play Linda Lovelace - The sweet and adorable child star, Lindsay Lohan, was perfectly cast in "The Parent Trap", the 23-year-old washed-up trainwreck is an excellent choice to play a drug-addled porn star.

Calvary Episcopal Church Holds Worship Services For Dogs - While no one really knows if all dogs go to heaven, Calvary Episcopal Church is giving area pooches and their owners improved odds with a new monthly worship service.

Lady With No Arms Preparing For Black Belt Test In Taekwondo - An American woman with no arms or kneecaps is hoping to gain a black belt in taekwondo.

Video: Has Stephen Baldwin Been Blacklisted Because of His Christian Faith? - Alec Baldwin may have the high flying career but his brother, Stephen, has God on his side.

Video: Fan Tasered After Jumping Onto Field During Phillies Game - A 17-year-old Phillies fan who ran onto the field during a Phillies-Cardinal game was brought down in front of 40,000 people by a Taser from a uniformed officer, WXTF TV reports

Cafe Grumpy Sells $12 Cup Of Coffee - "How much would you pay for a cup of coffee? How about $12?!

Blake Fielder Civil Outraged Over Amy Winehouse's Skanky Ways - Amy Winehouse's boyfriend Blake Fielder Civil is reportedly angry at the star for flirting with other men.

UK Conservative Politician: Homosexuality Is The Work Of Demons - By demonizing homosexuals it's that much easier to deprive the oppressed minority of their civil rights. Stroud's ugly and ignorant words are bound to inspire homophobia, and violence against gays.

German Mailman Marries His Fat Cat Cecilia - A German postman has married his obese and asthmatic cat Cecilia, saying he wanted to tie the knot before his elderly furry friend dies.


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